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Start: Rapping Career

So you wanna be a rapper…

But you don’t know where to start. No worries, you’ve come to the right spot. I got you from the beginning of the process before you’ve written any bars to where people start actually knowing who you are and trynna hear your music. With the internet, it’s possible no matter who you are, as long as you’re willing to grind.

First things first

Writing Verses


You gotta have some bars before you can go anywhere. If you don’t think you got bars get some of your dumb ass friends together and start freestyling with them. Just put on a beat and go in. Then you can move on to writing. As you’ll see in that link, you shouldn’t write without a beat, so either start writing over other people’s beats or make your own. Once you wanna record some shit to shop around you should either make your own or buy some beats, but don’t worry about that until later.

Now you actually got some shit you’re working on

Soundcloud n Twitter


But you still aren’t ready to go get a label or to start selling your shit (unless you’re trynna hustle that shit to your friends or at school or the mall or something.) At this point you gotta get two things, and they won’t cost you anything. Get yourself a Soundcloud and get yourself a Twitter. Soundcloud is so people can check out your music for free, and Twitter is so people can get to know you. You bet not just tweet your tracks out though, you gotta be funny and engaging and then you can sneak in that Soundcloud link.

Complete your project



Now is the time to do and finish a mixtape, or even just an EP with a few tracks on it. You want more than a single track for variety (but you can send your single tracks to local radio stations too), but you don’t need a whole discography or anything at this point. Put your shit on Soundcloud and promote it on Twitter. Also send it around to hip hop websites, like this one! If you got a mixtape with artwork and everything, try to get that shit up on Datpiff for more exposure. Even if none of the beats are yours, that’s cool cause you’re still not trynna sell anything, just trying to get your name out there.

Send me your shit, I wanna scope it! email me

Look at what you’ve got

Mad Fans


At this point, some time has passed (probably a few months), and you’ve got a few people who know you on Twitter, and you got a few tracks on Soundcloud. Hopefully you got a full mixtape on Soundcloud that you’ve also put on Datpiff, and people are downloading your shit. You haven’t gotten any money yet but that’s cool, exposure is a lot more important nowadays, you’d rather have people know you through free music than sign away to a label too early and not have much exposure or cash.

At this point, I guess you can try to find an agent or a label or something, but you don’t need to and you probably shouldn’t. It’s better that you keep grinding and making your music and getting fans than worrying about the money. If you’re really stressing about the money though, you can deal with that too while keeping your music free with merch and by performing.




Go design some tees and hoodies with your name or lyrics or both on them. These you can also hustle on Twitter. I mean I bought one of my go-to hoodies straight from seeing a picture on Twitter, and it wasn’t a big company or anything. These you can also sell at your performances. Performing is mad good for exposure, but you can also get some money for it. But how do you book performances? Good question.

If you know people who throw house parties, go up and spit some of your recent shit, asking for a little bit of money (if any) and working your way up from there. Otherwise look for places where local bands play music (the local college’s student union, a park) and figure out how to book there. Make business cards for yourself and give them out to people everywhere, including these performances.

At this point you’re well on your way

Rise & Grind


You got some fans on Twitter, you got some music of your own that you can point people to on Soundcloud or Datpiff, and if you’re brave and went out performing you might even have a little money. Now you can pretty much do whatever you want, because you’ve already worked harder than most people do. Very few people start with all the connections/exposure/talent that they need, but if you stay on your grind and believe that your shit is the good shit, you have as good a chance as anyone.

If you wanna hit that agent or label or whatever, go for it. If you wanna keep releasing music free and making money touring/with merch, do that. If you wanna release your music independently (shoutout to Talib Kweli and, go for it and keep the profits, just make sure you own all the beats and everything. The point is you’re already working on your rap career, and as long as you grind good things will come.

This concludes how to start: rapping career edition.

Now go out and wherever you are in your plan, work on your shit. Whether that means writing your first rhyme or booking your next performance, go out and do it. If you work hard, it’ll happen for you. And I’m serious, if you are a rapper, send me your shit, I’m trynna hear it! email me.

If you got some more tips for rappers trynna come up, let me know in the comments!

Spit Talking

TLC Hits Kickstarter For Their Final Album

The 2 remaining members of TLC are hitting up Kickstarter for their final album.

They’re doing it for a very good reason: full creative control.

TLC Kickstarter

So why Kickstarter?

TLCWell if you don’t know by now, Kickstarter is where people go to fund shit through fan donations, and then people who donated get some reward based on their contribution. TLC (the excellent group behind No Scrubs, Waterfalls, and many other hits) came to Kickstarter to retain creative control. They didn’t wanna the final decisions to be in a major label’s hands, so they’re turning to the fans. This is mad dope, and I think more artists are wanting to get away from the major labels, and Kickstarter is not the only way but seems to be good way for established folks (like Spike Lee, who isn’t a rapper but I mean it’s Spike.

Lisa Lopes (rest in peace) is of course absent for the album, and sadly her dope verses will be too. T-Boz and Chilli wanted their first album with just the two of them (and TLC’s last album) to be completely up to them and the fans, and I think it’s still definitely worth supporting. They figure with $150,000 they can make the album themselves and not have to worry about answering to anyone or compromising their vision.

TLC T-Boz and ChilliThey have a month to raise the money, and they’ve already gotten about half of it in a day. It looks like they’ll definitely raise the money they need, and probably a lot more than they asked for. They have a bunch of different rewards ranging from the $5 tier to the thousands of dollars tier. The one most people probably want is $15 for the final digital album once it’s completed. I mean this is the same price or a little bit more than the album would sell for anyways, so might as well contribute to the artists vision of making it like they want, and getting the album anyways. Think of it like a preorder.

So if you wanna support TLC, go chip in to their Kickstarter (even though it looks like they’ll for sure raise the original $150,000 they asked for).

Lisa Lopes will be missed, but it seems like they wanna do this one album to send off TLC forever. It’s their first album as a duo, and TLC’s final album. If you wanna chip in, you can donate whatever, but check out the rewards first. $15 and you get the album once it’s done.

TLC Kickstarter

Spit Talking

Hip Hop Books

Hip Hop is a mad lyrical genre…

so you might like the written word if you like rap. If you do, Spit Talking’s got you. These are some dope hip hop books, of all types. Whether you want books about rappers, books by rappers, comics about hip hop or even a hip hop coloring book, I got you covered. I like to read anything I can about hip hop, and the following are all books I’ve come across doing this. These are my personal favorites.

 Holler if You Hear Me – Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson - Holler if you Hear Me

In case you couldn’t guess from the title, this is a book about Tupac. It’s not so much a biography as it is a quest for his message, what he stood for, and his legacy after his death. It’s written by Michael Eric Dyson, who is not only a Georgetown professor, but also maybe the smartest hip hop commentator out there, as he’s also edited a book about Illmatic. If you love Tupac and are still bumping his shit after all these years, you might like this. I mean he only releases like 2 albums a year nowadays so if you wanna understand Tupac more, since you can’t hear straight from him, take it from Michael Eric Dyson.

Holler If You Hear Me (2006)

The Tao of Wu – RZA

RZA - The Tao of WuThe Tao of Wu is a bit more like a biography, but only a little bit, cause I mean it is RZA, he’s not just gonna write a boring old auto-biography. It’s the RZA’s tale of his own enlightenment rather than his hip hop career, but it’s a great book. Pick this up if you want to read more about how the Wu-Tang Clan was actually formed, as he runs down those formative years in Staten Island. RZA is mad honest and funny, and hearing him tell stories about his childhood and his life in general (heavily including the Wu) is just great. This is unlike most celebrity memoirs, but that’s not surprising because RZA is not like most celebrities.

The Tao of Wu

Hip Hop Family Tree – Ed Piskor

Russell Simmons HHFTHip Hop Family Tree is the shit. It’s pretty much a comic history of rap, and I think it’s easily the best comic about hip hop. The writing and art are great, and it’s also just a great way to know your shit about old school hip hop and how we got to where we are now. From the very beginning of hip hop on the streets to its growth in the studios, Ed Piskor is taking readers through hip hop’s birth and adolescence, and he’s about in the mid 90’s right now so there’s plenty left to write about. Read more about Hip Hop Family Tree here in my writeup. Also, for dope pictures like the one on the left, follow @edpiskor on twitter for updates from the artist.

 Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book – Bun B and Shea Serrano

Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity BookThis is the most unexpected but also maybe dopest one I got for you. It’s a hip hop coloring book. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and you should probably have this as a coffee table piece, and if you don’t have a coffee table you should probably go get one then put this on it. Bun B and Shea Serrano have put together a masterpiece of a coloring/activity book. If you wanna teach someone (of any age) about hip hop, this would be a good way to go about it. They got little facts for each rapper.

Rap Coloring BookHip Hop Coloring Book Hip Hop Coloring Book Table of Contents

And if you already know all your stuff, you’ll probably want this anyways too as a stress reliever or just funny ass book to have. Remember, it’s not just coloring pages, there are also activities, like mazes and word searches, so this is the best rainy day book out there. Added bonus — if you can’t decide what to listen to, just open a random page and there you got your coloring soundtrack for the day.

Talib Kweli Hip Hop Coloring Book

If you don’t believe me, check out my work to your left. I picked Talib because he’s the illest but also I liked the picture. If you’re like me, literally the only thing you won’t like about this is there’s so much pressure on yourself to color well cause you only got one shot and the pictures are all so dope. Also you don’t want some garbage drawing to get out on twitter because you don’t want no beef with some of these rappers. Anyways, cop the rap coloring book because it’s one of the best hip hop books out there.

Bun B's Rapper Coloring and Activity Book

So whether you’re looking for books about hip hop for someone trying to get into it, or you want something for longtime fans, Spit Talking’s got you.

Pick something up as a gift for someone or a gift for yourself, and then let me know what you chose!

Spit Talking

Upcoming Rap Albums: Established Folks

Wanna know which albums to be on the lookout for this year?

Spit Talking’s got you. These are some of the most interesting upcoming rap albums from dudes who have mad experience in the game under their belts. No matter what kind of hip hop you like, there’s something coming up for you.

Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD

Ghostface Killah


Ghostface is one of the best lyricists from the Wu, and that’s saying something. BADBADNOTGOOD are an instrumental jazz trio. This sounds like some sort of weird random matchup, but it isn’t. I’ve lucked into seeing BADBADNOTGOOD twice for free, and they do mad hip hop covers. I can’t wait to hear what they can come up with matched with not only a rapper, but one of the greats in Ghostface. The album is called Sour Soul, and it’s supposed to come out in about a month.



 Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne


Tha Carter V is supposedly Weezy’s last album, and the end of an empire. The last one I really dug was Tha Carter II, when I thought he might actually have been the best rapper alive like he so boldly claimed on that album. Still though, Wayne’s influence on hip hop (particularly his constant stream of both new mixtapes and albums) is undeniable, and it’ll be interesting to see what he’s got. Also, he just released a new freestyle if you wanna check that out for something of a preview.

Kanye West

Kanye West


No intro necessary. Kanye doesn’t usually do the same things for consecutive albums, and Yeezus didn’t sound like anything he (or many people) had done before. We’ll see if Kanye focuses on production again (likely), or lyrics, or concept, or whatever. Whatever it is, it’ll probably sell a lot of copies and end up on a lot of end-of-year lists, because Kanye is a tastemaker and trends follow him. For proof of that just look at the initial reaction to Yeezus and then the final consensus about it.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar


Even though Kendrick is mad washed now (shoutout to his wild Ferguson comments on twitter that he’s since deleted), his album will probably be the most-anticipated, most-scrutinized and probably most-selling album of the year. We’ve heard two songs from him since good kid, m.A.A.d. city, with one of them (I) being alright and one of them (untitled) being doper. Not sure if either or both of those are actually gonna be on the main album, but they give you an idea. Kendrick is definitely going for a new direction, and it’ll be interesting to see if he lands it and rules 2015 like he did (late) 2012.

Which one of these are you looking forward to the most?

The way I see it, Ghostface, Kanye and Wayne are all just looking to add to their long resumes, while Kendrick is looking to further define his legacy.

Spit Talking

Latest Hip Hop News: 2015 Starts With A Bang

A little more than 2 weeks into the new year, and hip hop’s already acting up

2015 is a little over half a month old, and it already feels like a lot’s happened. This week we’ve had controvery over DMX’s newest album (but not what you might think), SremmLife hitting the charts strong, and Killer Mike and El-P getting paid mad respect from Marvel. Read on for the latest hip hop news.

DMX’s “New Album”

DMX - Redemption of the BeastDid you hear about DMX’s new album? It’s called Redemption of the Beast, and it dropped a few days ago. It’s also not DMX’s new album. It dropped amidst hype that DMX and Swizz Beatz were working on a new album, but it turns out that it is not the new album. In fact, DMX claims his former record label stole his music by releasing it when they didn’t have the right to. His former record label is now being sued, and we continue to look forward to DMX’s real new album.

Rae Sremmurd Killing the Charts

Rae Sremmurd


In case you haven’t heard, Rae Sremmurd recently released their debut album, SremmLife. Best known for the singles No Flex Zone and No Type, the album hit #1 on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B charts. No Type is also reppin’ on the Billboard Hot 100, and they’ve been hitting the press hype circuit. Check out SremmLife to see what they’re all about. They got energy and they got bars, and they’re mad young to already be this successful.

SremmLife - Rae Sremmurd

Marvel X Run The Jewels

First, I want you to look at this album cover. It’s the cover for Run the Jewels 2, by Killer Mike and El-P. It’s one of the most praised albums of 2014.

Killer Mike and El-P - Run the Jewels 2

Now I want you to see these dope ass marvel covers (thanks to shouting them out. The one on the left is Howard the Duck (featuring Rocket Raccoon), and the one on the right is for Deadpool. Apparently they’re both big comic book fans.

Howard the Duck Run the Jewels 2

Deadpool Run the Jewels 2blank space

This is one of the coolest things to happen to rappers that love comic books in a while, at least since The Man with the Iron Fists. Marvel is dope, so the shoutouts are real well done and they of course look mad good. Killer Mike and El-P are killing it, and Run the Jewels 2 was a mad dope album, so they deserve this.

Stay tuned here at Spit Talking for the latest rap news.

If you’ve ever seen something cooler than those comic book covers, please email me with proof.

Spit Talking

Hip Hop Future: Chance and K.R.I.T.

I’m here today to tell you about the rappers of the future.

They go by Chance the Rapper and Big K.R.I.T. I’m not claiming they themselves are gonna dominate the charts in a few years (although they are well on their way and I think they’ll hit that point), but that rappers of the future are gonna follow their templates. Let me tell you why they’re the hip hop future.

Big K.R.I.T. - Cadillactica


Exposure over Earnings

Both of these dudes chose to come up by building a big audience before signing a deal (don’t expect Chance to ever sign a deal, by the way.) They did this through a bunch of free releases (mixtapes) and gaining a reputation for great stage performances. By giving people polished music for free, they got huge audiences compared to most rappers without a label.

Chance the Rapper


Then, people would more easily spend money on tickets to go see them, feeling like they owed them for the mixtapes. By not directly going for money, both K.R.I.T. and Chance greatly increased their exposure, and ultimately, their success, including financial success. Considering that exposure is free and only takes effort, folks trying to come up now should follow a similar path rather than trying to sign a deal right away.

Reppin’ New Regions

Everyone knows the great East West rap beefs of the 90’s. Particularly NY (most famously led by Biggie) and LA (Tupac.) Hip Hop started in New York, and G-Funk started in Los Angeles, so that was pretty much it aside from the occasional Outkast. In the early 2000s that started to change with Nelly, Ludacris and some other rappers. Now, it’s anyone’s game.

Big K.R.I.T.


Chance is from Chicago and Big K.R.I.T. is from Mississippi, so they’re coming out swinging for the Midwest and the South, regions long overdue for some hip hop recognition. The game’s pretty much been blown wide open now, and it doesn’t seem like NY and LA are gonna rule the game anymore. The rappers of the future will come from all over the country, particularly from the historically underrepresented Midwest and South. They’ll also probably start coming more from international backgrounds (just hopefully not any more from Australia.)

They’re Both Real Musical

Not that rappers before this have been monotone, but these dudes like to use their voices as instruments when they can. K.R.I.T. also self-produces most of his shit, showing his talent there. Chance likes to just straight up sing some of his shit, and rap can’t contain all of him. K.R.I.T. doesn’t sing too often (though he kind of does sometimes), but he’s very aware of his voice as a melody, considering how much he switches up the flow and tempo of his spit.

Chance the Rapper black and white


Since hip hop’s boundaries are just expanding from boom bap, the weird sound of these two dudes is gonna be more what you expect from future hip hop. Most rappers are gonna need to be able to rock the mic in multiple ways, and they’ll have to be able to either sing or use their voice as an instrument. Of course there will always be the purists, but future hip hop’s gonna sound more like some other genres. This may or may not be good, but it’ll definitely be interesting.

Check out their best mixtapes (free at Datpiff) and see what I’m talking about, and why the future’s looking bright.

They’re both mad dope but in different ways, so check them both out (they are free) and let me know which you like better!

Acid Rap (Chance the Rapper)

King Remembered in Time (Big K.R.I.T.)

Spit Talking

Make Hip Hop Beats Free: Auxy: Beat Studio

If you want to make dope hip hop beats for free, and you have an iPad, you’re in luck.

If you want to make hip hop beats free, go download Auxy: Beat Studio for your iPad right now. It’s totally free, and doesn’t even have any in-app purchases or anything, so it’s actually free. It isn’t the best way to make final polished beats or anything, but it’s a great way to strike some inspiration.

Auxy: Beat Studio Menu

Auxy: Beat Studio - Auxy

The first thing that strikes you is how simple the app is

It’s got a very minimalist feel, and aside from starting with a quick but helpful tutorial, pretty much just leaves you to start working on some loops. It’s essentially a bunch of different synth kits nicely packed into one screen. It’s basic, but with drums, bass, and melody synths you pretty much have everything you need to get your ideas going/to mark them down before they pop out your head.

It’s so simple, you can just focus on the music you’re making

Instead of having to spend hours learning a more sophisticated program, one can just start working on the music. Different settings, like tempo and separate loop volume levels pop up on the same screen instead of plunging you into endless menu screens. Because of that almost non-existent learning curve, it’s a bit limited, but this is a great place for someone to start just toying with possible beats.

Auxy: Beat Studio Auxy: Beat Studio Settingsblank space

It’s not just good for beginners, though. If you’re an experienced producer who already has a few programs you like that are more fully-featured, you can consider this an extra note-taking type app when you don’t wanna deal with the full word processor. Let’s say a beat pops into your head when you’re on the bus or on the plane or something. Just make it in Auxy: Beat Studio real quick (a minute or two, tops) and go on with your day until you can start making the full beat.

So regardless of your experience level, you’ll find this app easy and valuable

Auxy: Beat Studio Loop Maker

It’s mad simple to start working on your loops as you literally map them out with your finger. It’s easy to control settings like levels and tempo. It’s also really quick to do all of these things, so even if you know better programs, this will come in handy if you’re in a hurry. Best of all, it’s totally free (you don’t even have to worry about missing out, because there are no in-app purchases), so it’s a no risk try. I think if you download it you’ll find some use for it.

If this all sounds good to you, download it for your iPad, and let me know if you enjoy it like I do!

 Auxy: Beat Studio - Auxy

Spit Talking

Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 3)

Take advantage of time in your car by bumping the good shit.

Here are 5 more albums that make up the essential hip hop: cars edition.

Scope Part 1 here.

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Life is Good – Nas

imageOnce you’re bumping Illmatic in your ride, add Life is Good to the collection. Hip Hop’s greatest storyteller comes through with some updated lyrics on mostly throwback beats, but it’s all dope. The first like 4 songs will kick off any road trip on the right foot, and by Anthony Hamilton’s feature in World’s an Addiction, you’ll be sold.

Life Is Good [Deluxe Edition]

 Wolf – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator - WolfWolf is Tyler’s least grimy album by far, so you can feel better about putting it in your car. The jazzier, softer parts complement the darker songs like Rusty well, and the Earl and Domo features (along with the others, like Frank’s) are always good. This is one for your longer road trips more than it is for errands, to get the full experience.

Wolf (Deluxe Version)

Game Theory – The Roots

The Roots - Game TheorySometimes when you’re driving you just want tight drums and a dope beat. No one’s gonna give you doper drums than Questlove, so you better get yourself some Roots. Game Theory is just one of their many albums, but in my opinion it’s the best. The self-titled track goes the hardest, and goes perfectly with being behind the wheel.

Game Theory

 Cadillactica – Big K.R.I.T.

Big K.R.I.T. - CadillacticaI really don’t need to explain to you why an album called Cadillactica belongs on a list for the best hip hop for your car. This is also gonna be for the longer road trips, to fully appreciate the change and growth throughout the album. As usual, K.R.I.T. comes at you hard with the bangers but strong with the ballads.


 good kid, m.A.A.d. city – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city

This shit pretty much takes place in Kendrick’s mom’s car, and with the skits it sounds like it was recorded there too. Even though Kendrick is washed now this shit is West Coast, so it was literally made to be bumped while driving. Listening to this while driving will make you feel like you’re watching a movie.

Good Kid: M.A.A.D City

That’s all I got.

But that’s obviously not every album out there that it’s crucial for every hip hop head to have ready for the car. What do you got playing when you’re driving to work, across the country or just to taco bell? Let me know, and if you haven’t yet…

Scope Part 1 here.

Scope Part 2 here.

Spit Talking

Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 2)

Make use of that dope car sound system with some dope hip hop

Even the worst stock sound system in a car sounds pretty dope. What albums do you need in your car to enjoy any ride though? These are 5 more crucial rap albums to make up the essential hip hop: cars edition.

Scope Part 1 here.

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyIf you literally only have one CD for a road trip, this has gotta be it. The songs are real varied, so whether you’re going for a banger or a ballad you’ll be happy. The lyrics and production are both on point, and the features are perfectly chosen/spread out. This album was almost made for long car rides.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

 Doggystyle – Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - DoggystyleThis spot could have also gone to The Chronic, considering they’re both about 50/50 Snoop and Dre, but this is my personal G Funk choice. All they do round there is drive, so I think they know what to play in the car. Whether you’re blunt cruising or just going spot to spot, you’re gonna wanna bump this shit.


Old – Danny Brown

Danny Brown - OldThis is another one that works as well for grocery shopping as it does for a road trip. Shit, both sides almost make their own albums. Listen to side A for the deep shit that’ll make you think, and listen to side B for the bangers that’ll keep you up. Whenever you pop in your car and need something to bump, Danny Brown’s got you.


Black on Both Sides – Mos Def

Mos Def - Black on Both SidesThis is that shit when you’re looking for some poetry and some real shit in the car. Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll replay a track from this toy fully enjoy it again. So I guess it’s pretty much a double album for the car, then. If you’re into Mos Def, dope beats, real shit in general, or just hip hop, go for this CD.

Black on Both Sides

Piñata – Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - PiñataFinally, if you want that classic Madlib shit with more shorter songs, go for this. Freddie Gibbs is the tightest rapper in the game (like, he never leaves a rhyme unfinished #NoLooseEnds) and Madlib is the most unique rapper out there. One of the best albums of 2014 will make a hell of an addition to any car ride you got. Scope.


Pick up any of the above albums and bump some dope shit on your next trip.

Whether it’s across the country or across the street (but I guess you should really just walk in that situation), be prepared.

Scope Part 1 here.

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Spit Talking

Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 1)

There are few times more important to have good hip hop than when driving

No car is complete without a good CD collection. You need more variety for a long road trip than everyday driving, of course, but regardless you always need more than one to switch it up. If you wanna be at all ready to be able to DJ any time in the car, you probably need at least 5 albums. These are those 5 albums to make up the essential hip hop: cars edition.

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Illmatic – Nas

Nas - IllmaticEven though the signature sound in Illmatic is New York trains, you’re still gonna want this shit in your car. It’s lyric-heavy, but the beats are mad dope too, just simple and repetitive (in the best way.) This is one of the best albums for the car because I guarantee you’re not gonna need to skip any of the songs.

 2014 Forest Hills Drive – J Cole

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills DriveSpeaking of albums you can just play through… well just read my review. Anyways, this is the best for setting the tone in your ride, because J Cole is the only one on the album, so it’s pretty much a solo performance. The beats ramp up as the album goes on, but they’re mainly chill the whole time.

2014 Forest Hills Drive

 Liquid Swords – GZA

GZA - Liquid SwordsYou need at least some Wu-Tang in your car. If you want funny, go for 36 Chambers, but if you want a tighter concept and ambience, you need Liquid Swords. The skits make it seem like you’re listening to a movie or something, and it almost feels like an audiobook. You at least need Liquid Swords for longer car rides.

 My Name is My Name – Pusha T

Pusha T - My Name is My NameFor shorter car rides (because every song bumps on it’s own, and there’s not really a concept), My Name is My Name is a must. I also love having the album cover in my car, it just feels classy. From the slower 40 Acres to the mad hot Suicide, this is a welcome addition to any car ride. Pick this one up no matter who you are.


Ready to Die – Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie - Ready to DieDespite the tone the title implies, this album is mostly a celebration album. It’s a long 17 songs, which makes it perfect for extended road trips or for running errands, because it’s partially a concept album and also has mad variety. By the end track with Diddy it might get you kind of down, but it’ll definitely make you think.

Ready To Die the Remaster - The Notorious B.I.G.

There’s a lot of dope car hip hop out there

But these are my personal recommendations for starting out the collection. What do you got in your setlist? Let me know, because I’m always looking for new ones.

Also, scope Part 2 here.

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Spit Talking