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Kanye’s Next Album – So Help Me God

Kanye’s next album’s got a name.

So, in the evening of February 28, 2015, Kanye tweeted “New Album title…”, before shortly following it up with a title and an album cover. Kanye West’s next album will be called So Help Me God, and it’s an interesting name for the album that will follow Yeezus. It’s gonna be Kanye, so we already know it’s gonna be fire, whether it leans towards Only One or All Day or some combination of the two.

Kanye West - So Help Me God


So Kanye dropped the crazy news pretty casually on Twitter, and it was pure luck to find out about it. Even before he could tweet the actual album title, almost 10,000 people had retweeted the “New Album title…” tweet. When he actually revealed the album name and the artwork, it got about 10,000 retweets in a minute too.

Kanye’s going with unconventional methods for this album, considering the surprise release, but it’s an interesting move to reveal this on Twitter. First of all, it’s a hell of a way to get it to spread without paying any marketing fees at all, and it makes folks feel like they gotta follow Kanye to be up to date. Twitter’s been the world’s newspaper for a while now, so it’s fitting the latest Yeezy news drops there too. Especially considering Kanye isn’t a mad heavy tweeter or anything, this was probably a calculated move.

The music

From the tracks we’ve already heard, we know this is gonna be a cross between the minimalistic production method of Yeezus and the emotional ballads of 808s and Heartbreak. Only One is a mad emotional song that Kanye kills even through the autotune, and Wolves sounds like it’ll be a great album kickoff, making good use of Sia and the mad dope Vic Mensa. Speaking of which, it looks like he’s gonna go for features on this one again, unlike Yeezus. I think this’ll be good, cause now that Kanye’s a parent I think he’s just trynna share his shine as much as he can.

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Mos Def: The Unsung Hero of Chappelle’s Show

Chappelle’s Show is an all-time great.

It’s pretty much the best show of all time, from the intro to the hosting to the sketches to the musical guests. Dave Chappelle was obviously the driving force, but Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy are fucking hilarious too, and they proved that when they hosted the lost episodes for season 3. Neal Brennan, the co-creator of Chappelle’s Show and usually the white guy in the sketches, is also a big reason the show was so great, and he deserves mad props too. That said, the true unsung hero behind Chappelle’s Show is Mos Def, and I’m not just talking about the musical segments he did.

Mos Def Black Head of the CIA


The roles

In case you never looked too closely, Mos Def was front and center in a lot of the best Chappelle’s Show sketches. Black Bush? In one of Chappelle’s boldest sketches, Bush was of course played by Chappelle. The black head of the CIA though was Mos Def, and if you remember that press conference with the yellow cake, that was Mos of course. Kind of ironic, now that Mos Def (well, Yasiin Bey now) wasn’t allowed back into the country last year.

What about the Racial draft? The Black ambassador (Rondell, according to the White ambassador) is Mos Def, in all his shit-talking, cigarette packing glory. This is one of the show’s best and most popular sketches, and Mos’s red suit has gotta be a big reason why.

Mos Def’s best role though was probably in The World’s Greatest Wars, as General Cornrow Wallace. From the voiceover of his own letter, to his ridiculous running to “pprrrrrr” to his general behavior throughout, no  one (except maybe Chappelle himself) could have handled this role. None of this is a surprise though, because Mos has done quite a bit of acting in his career.

Mos Def General Cornrow Wallace


The music

One of the reasons Chappelle’s Show was so damn good was the musical guests, and Mos Def rocked that shit too. He did one with Talib, one with Kanye and Freeway and one by himself (just driving around with Dave, as casual as any of the performances), and dude’s just got a hell of a presence. The funniest thing about all of Mos Def’s work on Chappelle’s Show is that the sketches with him and the musical segments with him were usually in different episodes, making me think he was just hitting Dave up for roles all the time.

Mos Def is king.

King of the rap game, king of the acting game, king of comedy. Chappelle’s Show would still be legendary without him, but because of him it’s probably the best show of all time. What’s your favorite Chappelle’s Show sketch (with or without Mos?) Let’s hope Mos and Dave can reunite for some funny shit sometime soon.

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The Recipe: Hip Hop’s California Girls

Y’all know The Recipe?

It’s a Kendrick Lamar track that’s kind of on good kid, m.A.A.d. city. I say kind of because it’s actually a bonus track, but more on that later. Anyways, The Recipe is pretty much the hip hop version of California Girls, that classic Beach Boys song.

California Girls

So the Beach Boys track is pretty much the Beach Boys talking about all the women from different parts of the country and discussing their merits, while ultimately saying they wish they all could be California Girls. I guess the point is that California Girls are the best and California is the best. I mean, according to the Beach Boys at least.

The Recipe

Kendrick Lamar


Then we got The Recipe, Kendrick’s 2012 offering that’s basically a modern adaptation of California Girls, except maybe focusing more on California and the other places themselves rather than the women there. For the folks who been sleep, the recipe itself is women, weed and weather, which, according to Kendrick, is the reason folks go to California and why it’s the best place (supposedly.) By shouting out a bunch of different places but ultimately settling on California, The Recipe uses the exact same methods of California Girls to make its point, and also kind of subverting white culture by taking that song and remaking it as rap. Just saying.

The end of gkmc

Anyways, that’s pretty much it, listen to both California Girls and The Recipe and you’ll see what I’m saying right away. Now let’s talk about another pressing issue: why The Recipe was the first bonus track on gkmc, rather than the last track on the non-deluxe album. So obviously it was gonna be either Compton (what he went with) or The Recipe, but I think he should have gone with The Recipe over Compton.

Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar


So, to follow Real and end the album, he had to have something post-realization (“or hatin’ the fact none of that shit makes me real.”) It was probably gonna be a celebratory track, and I bet Dr. Dre pretty much demanded to be on the last track. Well, Dre is on both Compton and The Recipe, and they’re both celebratory tracks about where Kendrick’s from. So then it just comes down to which track is better, and it’s no question that The Recipe’s just a better track. The only thing I can think of is that Compton is more specific to Compton rather than California, and it’s more of a banger, in a way.

Anyways, The Recipe > Compton

I hope you can see that now, and agree that it makes no sense that he didn’t end with The Recipe. Also, I guess the main point of this was to convince you that The Recipe is hip hop’s California Girls, but I think that’s pretty obvious too. Thanks for reading, and go vibe to The Recipe.

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Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise Review

Albums are starting to drop in 2015.

Today we’re looking at Big Sean’s new project, which dropped yesterday. It’s a G.O.O.D. Music release, and Kanye along with many other rappers have unsuprisingly shown their support, congratulating Big Sean. So does it live up to the hype? It’s definitely got a lot of dope features, but Big Sean holds this shit down. Read on for my Dark Sky Paradise review.

Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise

Only parts of this album are dark. The rest is paradise.

Dark Sky Paradise - Big Sean

Overall, the album is a great showcase of Big Sean’s versatility to flow on different beats and at different speeds, and it’s also a showcase of dope beats and feats. It’s consistently solid, but only has a few real dope tracks, the rest are only really good. I also think the album sounds its best when it’s just Big Sean, because he can really shine as a rapper with a dope range, but only about half the tracks don’t have any features.

For its solid sound and Big Sean’s great performance, I give Dark Sky Paradise a:




Dark Sky

The album starts with one of the titular tracks, Dark Sky (Skyscrapers), which is a real grimy but minimal beat for Big Sean to introduce himself over. He does that dope quick repetition shit a few times, and it’s a solid intro talking about how he started from the basement and made it to skyscrapers. He goes off on the first track, setting the tone and raising expectations for the rest of the album.

The next track, Blessings, has Drake on it, and from the beginning it just sounds like a Drake track. Big Sean raps about folks talking shit behind his back but he’s made it so it doesn’t really matter, he ain’t bothered. Then Drake comes in (I mean the track is called Blessings) for the hook and spits a pretty dope verse, matching the darkish vibe on the beat. Big Sean comes back to rap about how he’s the man of the house now that his grandma died, but that just means he’s gotta work now. Even more than the intro, this is a mission statement for his album and his life.

Kanye showing some love

Kanye West and Big Sean


All Your Fault comes in as the 3rd track, sporting another kinda big feature with Kanye spitting the first verse and helping out on the beat too. This is a slower track that starts leaning into R&B on Kanye’s hooks, before Big Sean comes in talking shit with the staccato flow. Kanye and Big Sean end the track trading off real dope lines, and it’s one of the best tracks on the album. The next track has another big feature, but y’all already know I Don’t Fuck With You with E-40. It’s mad hype and you gotta scope it if you somehow haven’t yet.

Mad (but dope) features

Pretty much the opposite of 2014 Forest Hills Drive, this album is all about the features. Play No Games has Chris Brown and Ty Dolla Sign on it, and all of a sudden the album’s got kind of a soulful feel to it. The soul makes sense, cause it’s a personal track for Sean, talking about love and how he “ain’t like those other niggas” and wants to be taken seriously. The lyrics are pretty solid, but I gotta say the delivery could be a little better, but I think he was trynna rock that slightly monotone flow to complement Chris Brown’s vocal work so I’mma give him the benefit of the doubt.


The second titular track comes in the form of Paradise (Extended), which is the first since Dark Sky to not have a feature. It’s a nice change because it lets Big Sean jump around flows and show how versatile he is. It’s got a beat that sounds like it was chopped and screwed out of Laffy Taffy or something, but it’s fucking dope and it’s a hot backdrop for Sean rapping about how he always wanted Paradise. This might be the best track on the album, and I think part of that is because it’s just Big Sean going off, and he even admits he hit the booth and he went Super Saiyan.

Big Sean


The second half of the album starts with Win Some, Lose Some, which is also just Sean. He starts by talking about how his whole life he’s heard you win some you lose some, but “that doesn’t make it right.” It’s an introspective track where he’s rapping to himself, and we all know some of the best hip hop tracks of all time are like this. He does it pretty well, getting pretty personal but still spitting dope shit. This is the type of track that can make you a fan of Big Sean, and I definitely like the dude more after hearing it, even before he hijacks his own track and starts straight grooving on it.

The crackers ain’t gon let you get that ritz

Stay Down continues the mini-trend of no features, just Big Sean. It really slows down the album, sounding like the background of some sort of creepy fairytale. Big Sean comes in with that half rap/half R&B shit (we’ve all heard Drake’s shit) that’s either dope or trash, but this is one of those cases where it’s dope. It’s kind of a celebratory but chill track for Sean, at least until he starts going off. He does this a few times on the album, switching up the flow from smokey slow shit to that rapid-fire, almost just showing off sometimes. He also very slightly touches on social issues a few times, like he does here when he says the crackers ain’t gon let you get that ritz. Tell em, Sean.

I Know comes back with the features, and this time it’s Jhené Aiko, who actually also had uncredited vocals on Win Some, Lose Some. It starts as by far the slowest, most R&B track on the album, but Sean seems pretty damn comfortable there. This is the type of track that would play at the very end of a house party when everyone’s either gone or passed out except like 3 folks. It’s got a good, interesting sound though, and even though it’s slow it’s chill without putting you to sleep, especially when Jhené Aiko comes in and just adds a dope layer and a new direction to the track. This is also a pretty personal track, but it’s not as specific as some of the other ones.

Weezy with a mad dope feat

Deep comes in as the 10th track, and Weezy’s got this feat. It’s got an underground classy sound, like a hip hop speakeasy might sound like, and Big Sean alternates between slow/personal and fast/confident. He has a few different speeds on this track alone, and I think Sean’s at his best when he switches his flows up a lot, cause he’s mad versatile. Lil Wayne’s feat is pretty solid, as he starts layered behind Sean before his own verse which is preceeded by a single puff. Weezy kind of goes off, and it’s one of his best featured verses in years, plus it fits the track perfectly. It’s emotional, and it’s one of the highlights of the album.

Big Sean, Kanye, John Legend, best track on the album.

John Legend


So who can follow Weezy on the feat? Well, One Man Can Change The World thinks that Kanye and John Legend might be able to do it. It starts with some nice piano (shout outs to John Legened) and it’s an optimistic track in the form of a letter. This shit is soulful, emotional, and it works, even when Sean’s talking about all he wanted was money and a “bad chick.” Big Sean’s at his best when his music sounds a little like R&B, whether it’s the beat or his flow. Then Kanye comes in with a mad good hook, and shit starts to sound like gospel music. Big Sean’s second verse on the track is probably his best on the album, even though he’s not going fast, it’s just mad personal and mad well-written. I think this is actually the best track on the album. John Legend handles the hook the second time, and as always he kills it. Yeah, this is the best track on the album, including the snippet of a phone call with his grandma. Good shit, Sean.

Consider me a Big Sean fan

The album (fittingly) ends with Outro, which changes up the sounds to a summertime-like, carefree beat with some soul samples (no, Kanye didn’t produce it, I checked.) Then it gets funky for Big Sean’s verse, and it’s obvious he’s going out strong, not just fading out into the night. Overall, the album is stronger in the second half, and this outro does not disappoint, giving Sean a few different beats to spit a few different dope flows over and even drop his number quick. By the end of the track (and the album), I consider myself a Big Sean fan, which I gotta say I wasn’t before this album.

Whether or not you like Big Sean, scope this album.

There’s something here for everyone, but especially if you like slower hip hop that gets a little close to R&B at times and then speeds it the fuck up at other times. If you like Big Sean, you’ll love this shit, and if you don’t like him, I think you will after giving this album a listen. To hear Big Sean switch up between mad different flows on dope varied beats, even within a track, buy yourself Dark Sky Paradise.

Dark Sky Paradise - Big Sean

Spit Talking

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface – Sour Soul Review

Sour Soul has dropped!

This is not a drill. The much-anticipated album, a collaboration between Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD should be unlike anything either of them have really done before, but hopefully in a mad dope way (confirmed.) Read on for my Sour Soul Review.

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Sour Soul

Ghostface brings the dope rhymes, BADBADNOTGOOD brings the chill beats.

Sour Soul - BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah

Sour Soul is an excellent collab between a rap legend and a young production trio that has some hip hop cred themselves. It’s a jazzy, chill, but short (just over a half hour) album which emphasizes the beat as much as the rap, but never quite takes it to the next level. The music never falters though, and neither does Ghostface, and it’s a very consistent album which does some clever things between BADBADNOTGOOD’s production and Ghostface Killah’s flow.

For being a strong, confident, jazzy album I give Sour Soul a:




Slow (but dope) start

The album starts with Mono, which clocks in at just under a minute. It sets the tone with some slow percussion before getting a nice little groove in there then fading out to some dialogue before the first track with Ghostface on it, also the titular track, Sour Soul. From the beginning it’s obvious this is Ghostface, both from the voice and the bravado. BADBADNOTGOOD provides some dope backing for a rapper like Ghostface, who is such a commanding presence that he doesn’t need much more than some boom-bap. But BADBADNOTGOOD can still bring it, dropping in some dope strings before the second track’s even out.

Danny Brown elevates expectations



The next track, Six Degrees, has the album’s first feature, Danny Brown. It starts out with a choppy, vaguely-RZA sounding minimalist beat while Ghostface spits some shit about the old days. Danny Brown comes in with an even choppier beat, and really the switch-up makes you excited for the rest of the album because BADBADNOTGOOD clearly knows how to match a rapper’s flow, and you gotta love it when the beat follows the rapper rather than the other way around. When Ghostface comes back in, it’s a different beat again before dropping back into a more familiar one. Six Degrees is a fire track, including the 50-second long instrumental showcase at the end.

Gunshowers comes in at track 4 with some sad-sounding guitar and all of a sudden you can’t tell what’s blues, what’s jazz and what’s hip hop. Ghostface rides it perfectly, too, which either speaks to his flow ability or BADBADNOTGOOD’s ability to match him. Either way, it works. Elzhi jumps on this one too, bringing the energy down for a creepier, moe atmospheric vibe. It sounds very much like a Wu-Tang album at this point, and that’s even before they started trading lines.

Real or imagined?

Then we got another short track, Stark’s Reality, which ironically sounds like a dream sequence. It’s an instrumental track, but to say it doesn’t have Ghostface would be wrong because it’s clearly referring to him, Tony Starks. It’s a dope little trick they pulled, because you can almost hear Ghostface rapping even while you’re waiting for hm to come in (he never does.) This is my favorite instrumental track on a hip hop album since Supervillain Theme off Madvillainy. It makes a little more sense too when you consider it comes right before Tone’s Rap.

Ghostface Killah


Tone’s Rap has a beat that sounds like it’s recorded from a record player that’s played Stark’s Reality a million times and is just melting down but still going. Ghostface ends up rapping a very unglamorous verse over a very unglamorous beat, and the jazziness of it all would make Tyler, the Creator proud. Ghostface Killah knows how to spit that dark shit, even when he’s joking around (“pimpin’ ain’t easy but it sure is fun.”)  The production on this track is unlike anything I’ve ever heard on a rap album, but it still somehow sounds like hip hop. If for no other reason than to check out BADBADNOTGOOD’s version of hip hop, you should scope this album.

A confident, Wu-like sound

Mind Playing Tricks brings it back to Ghostface’s strong suit, which is a RZA-type beat that’s a little more consistent but still sounds a bit back alley and a bit luxurious at the same time. This is the most ’90s verse of the album, even though it’s got Ghostface rapping about his strength and his success, including Supreme Clientele. It’s just got that edge and he sounds like he’s ready to go to war. Then the album slips back into a sleepier, jazzier sound that still sounds ominous but overall chill for Street Knowledge. The 3rd feature of the album comes in the form of Tree, who’s got a real low, raspy voice that makes the beat sound a little less like a videogame. Ghostface spits a little harder, but they got these like bells backing his words, so it all balances out, and even when Ghostface is talking about crack and bling, it still feels like a mattress commercial, and puts a smile on your face.

Impending DOOM

Then the melody gets a little deeper, a little lower, and a little meaner. It flows into Ray Gun, which is a brighter beat that’s more fun with more going on, but it’s still got a street edge. Ghostface comes in with a very MF DOOM-like flow, and that makes sense because the 4th feature of the album, DOOM, comes in right after him. Overall, it sounds like an MF DOOM track, from the almost cartoonish beat to the low gangsta flows of Ghostface and DOOM. The middle of the song has a transition that sounds like it just dropped into the sewer, and shit’s sounding dark. Thanks to the transition, Ray Gun is one of the dopest tracks on the album.

BADBADNOTGOOD turns up the pressure

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - 12 Reasons to DieThe 10th track is Nuggets of Wisdom, which starts with a more traditional beat before just become a little jazzy melody, then all of a sudden Ghostface jumps on it. It’s a sentimental track with a nicer but no-less real Ghostface backed by a claustrophobic beat that drops when he stops rapping. This is illustrative of the whole album, as BADBADNOTGOOD plays around with their backings to Ghostface, sometimes matching him, sometimes doing the exact opposite to get a dope flow, and it’s just real clever overall. More albums need to be collaborations between a producer and a rapper rather than multiple producers for different tracks and a rapper. I think we’re luckily starting to see that, from Ghostface’s own 12 Reasons to Die with Adrian Younge, and Freddie Gibbs’s Piñata with Madlib.

The second-to-last track is Food (another reference to DOOM?), which has a beat that feels like it’s in some bouncing clouds or something. Ghostface spits some truth about money and the devil, and then the beat gets more orchestral and starts sounding more like the Wu again. This track reminds me a bit of Killah Priest’s B.I.B.L.E. at the end of Liquid Swords. It almost sounds like a funeral eulogy, but Ghostface is talking about how Wu has still persisted all these years, so really it’s a celebration of life.

Orchestral outro

The album wraps up with Experience, yet another short track, starting with some deep bass and cymbals this time that somehow build up into a real dynamic beat that makes you wish Ghostface would jump on it. Instead, it’s a mad funky and theatrical instrumental that sounds like the end score of an intense play. It’s a great beat by itself, and I get why they finished with an instrumental. It also underlines that this album is at least as much about the production as it is the rap, if not more.

Buy a copy and let me know what you think!

I still can’t decide whether I like the beats or the rap more, but I think BADBADNOTGOOD ultimately ends up ruling this album. Ghostface kills it too, but the production defines the sound here. DOOM and Danny Brown headline the dope but short list of features that keep this album chill but varied. The only recent hip hop albums that sound like this shit are Madvillainy and Piñata, and we can thank Madlib for both of those. In Sour Soul, BADBADNOTGOOD kind of takes the torch from Madlib for jazzy hip hop production. Buy this album, and support dope hip hop.

 Sour Soul - BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah

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Some of the Latest Hip Hop News

Latest Hip Hop News, February Edition

So as usual some shit’s been going down in hip hop. We got some album sale numbers, some album release info and some other stuff for you. Let us catch you up with some recent hip hop news.

The Pinkprint hits 500,000

Nicki Minaj - The PinkprintSo Nicki Minaj’s most recent album has hit 500,000 copies sold, which means it’s a gold certification for her. It came out December 12 last year, and it sold 244,000 in its first week, so it took about 9-10 weeks to hit half a million. Now, as a comparison, Drake sold over 500,000 copies of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late in its first week. Why so much more for Drake than Nicki, or really most other rappers? Was it because it’s just Drake, or because it was a surprise mixtape?

Now, Nothing Was The Same hit a bit over 300,000 in its first week, which is a lot but nowhere near half a million, so maybe it’s not just because Drake’s Drake. So is it because Drake dropped it as a surprise out of nowhere? I think so, but also in the way he specifically did it. By just randomly dropping it with the album artwork and a link to iTunes, he got a lot of people who weren’t thinking about buying anything to end up in front of a new Drake album which they’d heard nothing about and a buy button for it. For many people (including me, shit), it was too hard to pass up the temptation.

Ghostface Killah X BADBADNOTGOOD

So Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD are about to drop their long-awaited album, Sour Soul, as it comes out tomorrow (February 24th.) Ghostface has a history of releasing dope shit, and BADBADNOTGOOD is just generally dope, so it’ll be interesting to see what we get when they’re combined. Be on the lookout for a review of it here on Spit Talking.

Bobby Shmurda mad at Epic Records

Bobby Shmurda


So in case you haven’t heard, Bobby Shmurda supposedly actually caught a body and has been in jail for a bit now waiting on a $2 million bail. When he got snatched, everyone thought Epic Records would make his bail quick, and Desus and Mero were even joking about how he’d be fine but Epic wouldn’t do shit for Rowdy Rebel. Well, they still haven’t done shit for Bobby Shmurda, and he’s understandably upset about it and will try to get out of his contract.

Thanks for reading.

You know we always got the crucial hip hop news for y’all here at Spit Talking, and I appreciate you reading. Also, I just gotta say that I’m pretty sure Epic would be bailing out a non-rapper no matter what the charges, but that’s none of my business. Stay tuned here at Spit Talking for more hip hop news!

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Download Free Hip Hop Music and Enjoy

So you wanna fill out your music library.

But you also don’t wanna spend too much many. Well, if you’re waiting on a paycheck or times are just tough in general, your budget might be nothing. Today, I’m writing for y’all, and I’ma tell you how to download some free hip hop music (with an added bonus of staying on the right side of the law.)


DatpiffNow I’m not gonna tell you how to illegally download rap albums, cause that’s wack to the rapper and makes hip hop in general shitty (see more here). Luckily though, unlike most other genres, mad dope rappers release full projects as free mixtapes all the time. So if you wanna fill up your music collection while spending exactly $0, you can definitely do that shit. The best mixtapes are just straight up albums, because nowadays a lot of rappers release free shit because they know people will just download it illegally anyways. So now you can not only get mad dope projects, but you can try them out without spending a dime.

The standard

The number one place to download hip hop for free is Datpiff. Not only do they have the best collection of mixtapes, from the newest hottest shit to some underground joints (not to mention all the remixes), but they also just got a dope site. It’s mad clean and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, like reviews and number of downloads/plays. They also certify mixtapes as Silver, Gold, etc based on the downloads, so it’s also like billboard at the same time for mixtapes. I’d say almost half of the shit I’ve listened to in the last 3 years has been from Datpiff.

The app

Datpiff appNow a lot of folks know about Datpiff (and you probably already did too), but not as many heads know about the app. I was always disappointed a few years back when you couldn’t download and listen to mixtapes on the app, but the glory days of hip hop have come. Now, even if you don’t have a computer, you can still enjoy all the hip hop you need. If you wanna get started somewhere, try Cyhi the Prince’s new shit, I hear it’s fire. And hey, it’s free, so what do you got to lose? After that, scope Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE from 2013 and see why Kanye threw him on his new track.

Download it from the app store: DatPiff - Idle Media Inc

Go listen to some free hip hop yo!

Now that I’ve told you about the magic of Datpiff, both on your phone and on your computer, what are you waiting for? Mad dop mixtapes are out there waiting for you to listen to them, and in a few years you could recognize all the new cats from their old mixtapes. Chance the Rapper created more buzz than anyone with Acid Rap in 2013, and Datpiff was right in the middle of it all.

Spit Talking

Buy Yourself Some Cheap Hip Hop Clothing

So you’re looking for some cheap hip hop clothing

I feel that, I mean you’re not trynna blow that whole paycheck on a dope jacket (no matter how much you want to.) So I searched around and found some dope cheap hip hop clothing for y’all to buy if that wallet’s tight. Whether you’re looking for some dope hats, an Illmatic tee or an ODB hoodie, pick something up today and stay fresh for a good while.

Cityscape Snapback

Cityscape SnapbackSo first of all let’s start at the top and give you something to rock on your dome. If you’re walking the streets of a city, might as well get some shit that reflects that. And I mean that because of the dope cityscape graphic, but also that this shit is so white that you ain’t gonna get run over because folks are gonna see you jaywalking from a mile away. If the cover of Illmatic wasn’t the man himself, it would probably just be some shit like this.

Underground Kulture Cityscape Snapback

1994 Hat

1994 HatNow I don’t wanna leave y’all who have to freeze for a few months every year out, because I know that struggle. Anyways, this shit will keep your dome warm but it’ll also look good cause it’s mad clean. 1994 is the year Illmatic came out, so that’s explanation enough for anyone who asks why you’re rocking it. But if for some crazy reason they still want another explanation, well shit Ready to Die came out in 1994 too, so there.

1994 Knitted Hat

ODB Hoodie

ODB HoodieNow we’re down to the torso. If you wanna continue the simple and red theme, buy yourself this ODB hoodie. It looks like an album cover cause it’s got that simple iconic style. If Andy Warhol had been around for the meteoric rise of the Wu-Tang, he probably would have made a few thousand of these hoodies and maybe even rocked one of them himself. Maybe you can’t get a bulletproof suit like Dirty’s, but this is the next-best thing.

ODB Hoodie

 Illmatic Tee

Illmatic TeeSo I guess I can stop beating around the bush by casually mentioning Illmatic, and just show you this shirt that conveys that message for you. Nas lets this album speak for itself, so you might as well rock this album’s artwork and let it speak for itself. You could go with a white shirt that lets the picture pop, but I like this black cause it kinda lets the album cover fade in  and lay in the shadows, which is more representative of Illmatic’s sound.

Nas - Illmatic Tee

Baggy Joggers

Baggy JoggersNow that we’ve covered the top of your look, you gotta get some comfortable pants. Jeans are classic, but they’re not as comfortable as joggers are. This is the type of shit all the young bucks in rap are rocking, and it’s because shit isn’t only comfortable but lets you bust a move if you need to. Shit, I’m rocking some joggers right now as I write this, because they give you the freedom to be unencumbered and really get those creative juices flowing, ya feel me?

Baggy Jogger Pants

Buy yourself something nice.

I looked around for a while to show y’all this dope but cheap hip hop clothing, because ballin on a budget is what it’s all about. Sure, some of this shit leans towards being for Nas fans, but if you don’t like Illmatic I don’t know why you’re listening to hip hop. Anyways, which of these are the dopest to you?

Spit Talking

Buy Hip Hop on Vinyl and Live Large

So you want some rap on vinyl, huh?

Listening to hip hop on vinyl is the shit. The music just generally sounds like it originally did, and you get a more complete feel of the recording. The mixing and mastering is also original, so you don’t gotta rely on your mp3 player having the right EQ on or anything. Not to mention that having vinyl albums is pretty much like having pieces of art around your spot, so if you pick up some vinyls you don’t need any posters. Anyways, buy some hip hop on vinyl and step up your music collection. Let me show you which ones you gotta start with. A lot of these have Amazon Autorip, which means if you buy the album you get the mp3s free, so that’s just a mad dope deal.

Sennheiser HD201s


First of all, you’re gonna want yourself a turntable. They can get expensive with the turntable and speaker set-up, but if you’re lucky you can get a combination one on the cheap. Well, you are lucky because you found Spit Talking, and let me just tell you what I use. I go for the Jensen turntable that only takes up a little more space than a shoebox, is mad easy to set up and isn’t even $50.

Jensen Stereo Turntable (Silver)

The Roots – Game Theory

The Roots - Game TheoryIf you really wanna get the most out of your new record player, you’re probably gonna wanna go with The Roots. The fact that they’re actually a live band will maximize the sound dopeness and you won’t miss even the smallest detail. Game Theory is my favorite Roots album, but you could pretty much go with any of them. I love this album artwork though, and the title track on Game Theory alone makes picking up a copy of this classic album worth it.

Game Theory

Eazy-E – Eazy-Duz-It

Eazy-E AKA The Godfather of Gangsta Rap AKA one of the most best rappers of all time brings the heat in his debut (which also has a lot of help from the rest of NWA on it.) You need at least one ’80s rap album in your collection, and Eazy-E’s distinctive style makes it an easy choice (aside from Public Enemy, I guess.) If you wanna hear the album that made Eazy-E a superstar in his own right, pick up a copy of Eazy-Duz-It on vinyl.


GZA – Liquid Swords

GZA - Liquid SwordsSpeaking of mad dope solo efforts right around the time of dope debuts from the greater group, we got Liquid Swords. The best Wu-Tang solo album was also one of the first, and from the beginning the atmosphere makes it obvious why that is. If you like concept albums, skits, dope-ass beats or just great rap in general, it’s hard to get any better than GZA. Pick up a copy of Liquid Swords, have the dope album artwork around your house and hear the skits crackle in all their creepy glory.

Liquid Swords

Ghostface Killah – 12 Reasons to Die

Speaking of mad dope Wu-Tang solo concept albums, Ghostface Killah kills all of 12 Reasons to Die with some help from Adrian Younge’s production. This shit was based off a comic book (by Ghostface) and it’s got that mad creepy Wu-Tang feel, Ghostface’s lyrics (as Tony Starks), and yes, skits. This album came out long after the Wu’s peak, but it’s a throwback to the glory days.

12 Reasons to Die

Mos Def – Black on Both Sides

Mos Def - Black on Both SidesNow this album’s about 15 years old, but the vinyl doesn’t drop on Amazon until March 3rd, 2015, so keep that in mind if you’re trynna cop. Black on Both Sides came out a little after Black Star, and damn, it’s hard to pick which one’s better. Mos Def is one of the best rappers of all time, and this is his best (solo) work. Come for the dope beats and nice-sounding rhymes, stay for the political messages and history lesson. Pick up a copy of Black and Both Sides and hang the album cover as a portrait of Mos.

Black on Both Sides

Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

Ok, I promise this is the last Wu-Tang-related album we got for you. A Better Tomorrow is the Wu’s last album (just came out a few months ago), and it’s just not quite as good as the Wu’s peak, but it would be a classic from anyone else. Pick up a copy of A Better Tomorrow (after reading my review) and hear the whole clan (besides ODB, RIP) throw it down together one last time. By the time you get to the end of the album, the only disappointment is that the Wu will not be releasing any more albums. This is also a pre-order, and it drops in March, 2015..

A Better Tomorrow

J Cole – 2014 Forest Hills Drive

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills DriveFinally, you’ll wanna pick up J Cole’s latest album (and one of the dopest of 2015.) It’s not exactly a concept album, but it does track the progression of his adolescence and since there are no rap features, it’s all Cole, weaving a cohesive sound. Scope my review then pick up a copy of this shit, even if you already have a non-vinyl copy. Folks will remember this album 20 years from now, and you’ll want a hard copy. This shit on vinyl is basically like a literary classic in bound hardcover.

2014 Forest Hills Drive

Enjoy the tunes!

Pick up a mad cheap but surprisingly dope turntable and then grab any of these albums, and you already got a great evening planned out right there. Whether you want the crisper, more original sound, or want to get some dope artwork around your spot from the album covers, buy some dope hip hop on vinyl. Also, if you’re getting gifts for folks, it’s a much better look to throw someone a vinyl record than email them some mp3s.

Spit Talking

Straight Outta Compton: NWA Movie

There’s a movie coming out about NWA.

It’s gonna be a documentary coming out in August. F. Gary Gray is directing it, and it looks like it’ll be pretty dope. It’ll track not just the rise but the demise of NWA, which is important cause I’m just gonna be waiting for the second half of this movie once I go watch it.

Straight Outta Compton

NWA - Straight Outta ComptonNow in case you somehow didn’t catch it, the documentary’s gonna be named after their first album (not counting NWA and the Posse.) Shit came out on Eazy E’s record label (yeah he had a record label, dude was a genius), Ruthless, and pretty much defined not just gangsta rap but also West Coast rap. This is where Fuck Tha Police (one of the best rap tracks of all time) came from, and when the FBI started watching NWA. You see why this shit’s gonna be interesting yet?


Now NWA made some great and damn influential music, but I think the relationships and behind-the-scenes shit are gonna be what make this movie a must-see. Well, aside from the fact that it will hopefully be a historic moment for hip hop, considering how Straight Outta Compton was a historic moment for hip hop. First Ice Cube left (probably the second-biggest deal in the group, after Eazy-E), then Dre left and NWA was pretty much done. Some shady shit went down as NWA did, and I hope this documentary does a good job showing that shit. I mean, now that Suge Knight’s going to jail, what do they got to lose?

Eazy E



Whether this documentary focuses on the music, the business side of shit, the trouble with authority or the legacy, it’s gonna talk a lot about Eazy E. Now, in case you don’t know, Eazy E is one of the greatest and most unique rappers of all time, “The Godfather of Gangsta Rap”, started his own record label and was a self-made man. His debut album, Eazy-Duz-It, set the tone for Straight Outta Compton, and he was pretty much the driving force behind NWA. He also once considered going and killing Suge Knight, so if folks had just let him cook he probably would have saved Biggie too. I’m also wondering whether or not this is gonna touch on the eventual death (from AIDS) of Eazy-E.

What are you looking forward to?

You trynna watch this shit for Eazy-E or Ice Cube? Dre, MC Ren? DJ Yella? Probably not Arabian Prince. Anyways, there aren’t too many great movies about hip hop out there (or documentaries), so let’s hope this one hits the target. Thanks for reading, y’all.

Spit Talking