2015’s Already Been Dope For Hip Hop

We’re almost 1/4 through 2015 now.

So why not review what we’ve seen from hip hop so far in 2015? 2014 left us on a real strong note with 2014 Forest Hills Drive, so the tone was set for 2015, and so far hip hop has responded. Let’s catch up with some of the dope rap albums that have been dropped and some of the shit rappers have been up to.


Kanye West - All DayKanye’s been up to a whole lot (as usual) in 2015. He’s dropped more tracks that’ll be on his upcoming album (like All Day), and now that To Pimp A Butterfly has dropped (more on that in a second) Kanye’s next album is currently the most anticipated hip hop album right now. It’ll drop as a surprise, but the tracks Kanye has dropped so far show it’ll be dope and varied.

He also pulled a Kanye at The Grammys before later apologizing to Beck and calling himself a hypocrite cause Kanye’s real like that. He also dropped his fashion line with Adidas, and it was apparently the most-watched fashion show of the season, which is dope and shows that Kanye can do whatever he wants. Kanye just keeps getting bigger and more controversial, but I mean he’s Yeezus.


Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A ButterflyMost importantly though, the hip hop albums we’ve heard have been better than what we heard in 2014 so that’s good. Big Sean gave us his best shit yet and turned me into a fan with Dark Sky Paradise. Ghostface collabed with BADBADNOTGOOD for Sour Soul to bring a little jazz into hip hop. Then Kendrick brought a whole lot of jazz (and other genres) into hip hop with To Pimp A Butterfly, which somehow lived up to some of the highest expectations for a sophomore rap album of all time.

Kendrick brought hip hop back to its roots, both musically and message-wise. It’s stil been there the whole time, but Kendrick put hip hop’s focus back on social issue, and brought old genre sounds into modern times. And he interviewed Tupac. Tupac. To Pimp A Butterfly will probably win this year’s rap Grammy, and I’ma be real pissed if Macklemore’s ass takes this one again.

Favorite album so far?

What do you think is the dopest shit we’ve heard so far out of 2015’s rappers? I really gotta say To Pimp A Butterfly and it’s not that close, even though a lot of real good rap albums have come out this year. Sour Soul was mad good and mad diverse musically, but not nearly as boldly as Kendrick’s shit.

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