Amber Rose Delivers The Twitter Ether

We got some more twitter beef for y’all.

These rounds were between Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian. Apparently Khloe talked shit about “Kanye’s ex” (Amber Rose) and how she was a stripper. Amber Rose fired back, then kept firing and firing. It was a resounding victory for Amber.

How it started ain’t that important

Amber Rose but ur wife has a sex tapeSo Khloe shot some shade at Amber Rose about being a stripper. Amber ended it before it started, taking the fight to her on twitter. First by saying “I’ll be that lil whore to support my family like ur older sister is a whore 2 support hers” then posting a picture with Kanye talking bout how Kim has a sex tape so Khloe shouldn’t talk that mess.

Now this was already some savagery, and Khloe’s helpless replies (in which she didn’t even @ her tho) were falling flat, and she just in general really didn’t want that playplay. At this point Amber had clearly won so she stopped right? No, Amber was gonna make an example out of Khloe to make folks think twice before ever stepping to Amber Rose.

A little quick background: Papa Kardashian (before Bruce Jenner) was OJ’s lawyer. Now, Khloe definitely looks different than the other Kardashians, and there are rumors floating out there who think OJ (who didn’t do it by the way — I mean the glove didn’t fit, right?) is Khloe’s father. You might not know this, but that’s because most people don’t really talk about it.

Amber Rose twitter aviAmber Rose is not most people, though. After the initial firing had died down, she shot off the tweet heard round the world, kicking Khloe while she was down and ending not only this twitter beef but all twitter beefs forever cause they’ll never top this one. The tweet said: “U think because ur dad was a professional football player that got away with murder ur better than me girl? Haaaaannnnn?” As of this writing the tweet had more than 20K retweets and favorites in an hour. Then she put a bow on it with “I’m done dragging this bitch” in her final tweet.

Now this was not only vicious, but confusing to a lot of twitter as the first 10 minutes of Amber Rose’s mentions were people pointing out that Khloe’s dad is Robert Kardashian, OJ’s lawyer, so she was dumb. Leave it up to folks on twitter to not only totally miss the hottest diss of all time, but to call Amber Rose stupid too #smh. Anyways, Khloe has not responded and she probably never will because I expect her twitter will be deleted.

RIP Khloe and all future twitter beef.

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