Best Hip Hop Videos

Sure, anyone can make a good track.

Ok, maybe that’s not true. Not anyone can make a good track. It is definitely harder to nail a dope video though. But what makes a fire hip hop video? Where would you start if you wanted to make a dope rap video? What are some of the best hip hop videos?

Fire Videos

The most important thing in a hip hop video is that the rappers are heavily featured, if it’s a narrative video or not.

Whether the rappers are playing themselves or acting as someone else, we want to see them front and center for maximum effect. Remember all the rappers who have been great actors (Tupac, Common, Ludacris) and you’ll see why this is so important: we want to see the future of hollywood in our videos. If the rapper isn’t the star of the video, I ain’t interested.

A good example of this is Outkast’s classic, Ms. Jackson.

The second most important thing is an incredible intro.

You can’t just start the song, people demand intros to their videos. A lot of rappers already intro their songs or albums anyway, so why not videos? You gotta let your listeners know what’s going on. The funnier, the better.

A brilliant example of this is Rick Ross (and DJ Khaled) in Speedin‘.

You gotta have friends in the video not featured in the track.

Another crucial thing in a video is that there is another rapper somewhere in the background who does not have a verse in the track. It is of utmost important that the other rapper isn’t exactly on the track at all. This shows that the rapper is so dope that other rappers just come by to kick it with him.

A perfect example of this is Vic Mensa’s Orange Soda. Chance the Rapper is kicking it on the rooftop, but he has nothing to do with this song. This shows you that Vic is dope, in case you weren’t sure.

These are just some building blocks for dope hip hop videos.

It’s important to remember that while some great songs have great videos, there are also bad songs with great videos and great songs with bad videos. If you want to determine the quality of a video, don’t start with the song, start with the three crucial components I laid out above. And if you have any great videos in mind, leave them in the comments!

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