Best Rap Beats: All Time (Pt. 1)

Lyrics are obviously important in hip hop, but so is the beat.

And if you’re trynna freestyle, all you care about is the dope beat. There have been a lot of beats throughout the years, but these are some of the best to freestyle to. These are the best rap beats (all time.)

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Making Beats


The Recipe – Kendrick Lamar

This beat is personally my favorite to freestyle to. The tempo is pretty much perfect, and Kendrick and Dre show this by switching up the speed they rap at. If you’re spitting off the top of your head to this, you can start slow and then switch into double time once you start going. There’s a one-hour instrumental version of this on youtube and it’s pretty much crucial to any cypher.

Mathematics – Mos Def

I mean this beat hits so fucking hard, I don’t gotta tell you why it’s dope, but I will. It’s just a bit syncopated so it gives you time to breathe, and a bit like The Recipe it also allows for switching up the flow pretty often. And if you have no idea what to start rapping about, you can follow what Mos does and do the numerical thing.

Domo Genesis


Shine – Domo Genesis

This one is a slow one, but sometimes you gotta slow it down. This shit just sounds like a lazy day and that’s a good time to freestyle so check this out for your next cypher. You can spit some shit that’s a bit more clever instead of just trying to keep up with the beat.

Devil in a New Dress – Kanye West

This is another one where you’re slowing it down, but damn do I love this beat. A classic example of that old Kanye shit (even though this isn’t old Kanye) where he grabs a soul sample and just rides with that shit. Proof that this is one of the best hip hop beats of all time is that Rick Ross has a verse on the track and absolutely kills it. I mean Rick Ross usually does way better featuring than on his own tracks, but still this one hits hard.

This concludes part 1 of the best rap beats of all time.

These are some of the best hip hop beats to freestyle to of all time, but be on the lookout for more coming soon. This is by no means all of them, and this is just a start, so I know I didn’t hit all of them. If you got some better ones though hit me with them in the comments!

Also scope part 2 here.

Scope part 3 here.

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