Big Sean – One Man Can Change The World

One Man Can Change The World

The 11th (and second-to-last) track on Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise is one of the best. One Man Can Change The World is probably my favorite track on the album, and no I didn’t forget Paradise (Extended.) Let’s talk about why I can’t stop playing this shit, even though it’s not exactly a straight hip hop track.

The sound

Kanye West and John Legend


So even though it’s got rap (and rappers), the reason I like this track so much is because of its R&B-type parts, particularly the hook. Anyways, it’s a slower sound that’s pretty smooth, but the most interesting part is really the hook. The first time it’s sung by Big Sean, then the second time (which might even be the best, autotune and all) is Kanye, and the last one is John Legend. More tracks should have hooks sung by a different person each time. They all kill it, but Kanye and John Legend take it to the next level. Big Sean does too with his verses though, like when he tells Jim Carrey (at the white house) “you not the only one I know got rich wearing masks.”

The message

The track definitely doesn’t seem out of place, even if it’s the slowest on the album. Dark Sky Paradise is an introspective album for Big Sean where he talks a lot about his life and shit going on in it, so it makes sense for one of the last tracks on the album to feature a positive message after all of the personal information he drops. It’s one thing to just try and be deep by being introspective, but it’s another thing to channel that into a greater message for everyone.

Big Sean


Basically, Sean isn’t saying that one man can change the world by becoming President or anything like that, but just through their basic actions and little things done throughout the day. For example, at the end he plays a real short clip of him calling his grandma and her thanking him for it. Now you could say that he just did this to look good on his album, but I think if he was doing it just to look good he would have put it at the very end of the album. Also he’s pretty much just telling folks to go call they grandma, and you know, nothing wrong with that.

It’s dope, right?

Go listen to the track again and call your grandma while you’re at it too. If you haven’t heard any of Dark Sky Paradise and don’t know what I’m talking about, familiarize yourself. Thanks for reading and let me know if you think there’s an even better track on the album.

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