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Looking for some backing to your rhymes? Trying to find instrumentals for a project?

I know the best place where you can buy hip hop/ rap beats for whatever you need. Prime Loops is the spot you’re looking for. It’s great looking and it won’t break the bank.

Prime Loops

Head to Prime Loops to buy dope beats for your tracks or your film projects or whatever you want.

I love writing rap, but I can’t do it without a beat. So usually, I just whip up a quick simple beat on Garageband or something and then write to that. Sure, you might just write to an instrumental of some song you like, but it’s always hard blocking out the lyrics that have already been written to that beat, and it’s a bit distracting.

Why not just write without a beat?

I’ve definitely tried this before too, and it seems to work fine while you’re doing it. When you try to recite that over a beat later though, most of the time it turns out that you were writing to a few different tempos, and you realize how hard it is to just imagine a single beat and stick with it. Sure, you can write great spoken word without a beat (obviously), but it’s almost impossible to write to an imagined, consistent beat, especially if you’re writing in a few sittings.

Why do I have to pay for beats?

Well, assuming your rhymes are fire, you probably wanna do something with your music. I mean, sure, if you write to someone else’s beat, you can just record over that bea and throw it up on soundcloud. If you wanna make any money off your music though, you need to own the beat you’re rapping over. So if you’re a serious rapper and don’t wanna make your own beats, you should really buy some.

This also goes for people who want to put music in their movies or whatever. If you want to make any money off your movies, you need to own all the music you’re putting in there (if you don’t wanna pay royalties.) So if you’ve spent so much time working on a project or track of yours, and you want to rightfully get paid from your work, you should really consider buying some beats to have full ownership and rights to 100% of your work.

Why Prime Loops?

There are plenty of sites like this out there, but Prime Loops is by far the best. It’s incredibly professional looking, and doesn’t look like it’s run by a kid. You can get good deals on bundles and it’s easy to find whatever you want.

So, whether you need something to rap over or want some instrumental music for your movie project, buy some beats.

Prime Loops

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