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Stay Fresh, Starting At The Top

First of all, you gotta look good, as this is one of the fundamental commandments of everyday life. Dope hats are crucial for 2 reasons: they keep you warm (cause mad heat escapes from the top of your head), and they top you off before you go out. These are some old school hip hop hats you might wanna buy if you’re trynna rock some dope shit.

 Music Player Cap

Music Player CapThis is one of the doper hip hop hats I’ve ever seen. It reminds me a lot of my favorite notebook, actually. It’s even got some headphones drawn in so you can wear headphones while you wear headphones and strut down the street. I really like this color scheme, because black is always a good base for a cap (because you can rock black with anything), the red trim is dope and the levels in the middle have all the color this cap needs. Wear this shit if you want people to know you like music and probably hip hop, but don’t wanna get more specific. This look will always be classic.

Hip Hop Music Player Baseball Cap

Boombox Cap

Boombox CapThis is kind of like the last cap’s brother. You can unleash your inner Radio Raheem if you pair this one with some brass knuckles saying LOVE and HATE. Anyways, what did I just say about black hats? This shit could go with anything, and the way the boombox pops out just makes it look like it belongs on the street, bumping that good old school hip hop shit. Now this still isn’t a RUN DMC cap or anything, but this shit will let folks know that hip hop is what you’re bumping in your headphones.

Boombox Hip Hop Baseball Cap

Air Jordan Snapback

Air Jordan SnapbackNow if you’re walking in Chicago (but shit, really anywhere), you might wanna be rocking the number 23. Jerseys and kicks are a little bit high budget, so why not go for a snapback? Unlike a Bulls cap (go for the Music Player Cap up there if you want red and black), this is nice neutral colors but the white trim makes the 23 pop. Most of my caps are louder colors than this shit, but it’d be nice to have a little subtlety in my closet. Go with this if you wanna go back to the ’90s in hip hop, and you’re always bumping that Illmatic or Ready to Die.

#23 Air Jordan Snapback

Wu-Tang North Face Snapback

Wu-Tang North Face SnapbackNow we’re getting specific. I mean you probably already have a Wu-Tang shirt and hoodie (or if not, you should), but you might wanna pick up a snapback to complete that look. Also as an added bonus, you can make fun of white people and all their North Face shit by rocking this, so you’re killing 2 birds with one stone. Let folks know that you’re probably listening to Clan in the Front on your headphones, and show the world that the 2 word that best exemplify high fashion aren’t North Face, but Wu-Tang.

Wu-Tang Clan North Face Snapback

Wu-Tang Classic Snapback

Wu-Tang Classic SnapbackShit, if you’ve ever read Spit Talking you just know we had to have 2 Wu-Tang things for y’all to rock. This is the classic Wu-Tang look if you’re not trynna make fun of white people (to each his own), but it’s got a dope twist cause the logo’s metal too. While the last cap shows you’re listening to Clan in the Front, this is much more of a C.R.E.A.M. look. Show folks that cash rules everything around you, rock the Wu, and never have anyone fuck with you again. I mean, Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin to fuck with, right?

Wu-Tang Clan Gold Metal Badge Snapback

Stay fresh to death

and wear a mad dope snapback in the casket. These are the dopest old school hip hop hats I could find for y’all, so if you see something you like gone and buy yourself a dope look. And as usual, stay tuned at Spit Talking for all the flyest shit.

Spit Talking

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