Buy Yourself Some Cheap Hip Hop Clothing

So you’re looking for some cheap hip hop clothing

I feel that, I mean you’re not trynna blow that whole paycheck on a dope jacket (no matter how much you want to.) So I searched around and found some dope cheap hip hop clothing for y’all to buy if that wallet’s tight. Whether you’re looking for some dope hats, an Illmatic tee or an ODB hoodie, pick something up today and stay fresh for a good while.

Cityscape Snapback

Cityscape SnapbackSo first of all let’s start at the top and give you something to rock on your dome. If you’re walking the streets of a city, might as well get some shit that reflects that. And I mean that because of the dope cityscape graphic, but also that this shit is so white that you ain’t gonna get run over because folks are gonna see you jaywalking from a mile away. If the cover of Illmatic wasn’t the man himself, it would probably just be some shit like this.

Underground Kulture Cityscape Snapback

1994 Hat

1994 HatNow I don’t wanna leave y’all who have to freeze for a few months every year out, because I know that struggle. Anyways, this shit will keep your dome warm but it’ll also look good cause it’s mad clean. 1994 is the year Illmatic came out, so that’s explanation enough for anyone who asks why you’re rocking it. But if for some crazy reason they still want another explanation, well shit Ready to Die came out in 1994 too, so there.

1994 Knitted Hat

ODB Hoodie

ODB HoodieNow we’re down to the torso. If you wanna continue the simple and red theme, buy yourself this ODB hoodie. It looks like an album cover cause it’s got that simple iconic style. If Andy Warhol had been around for the meteoric rise of the Wu-Tang, he probably would have made a few thousand of these hoodies and maybe even rocked one of them himself. Maybe you can’t get a bulletproof suit like Dirty’s, but this is the next-best thing.

ODB Hoodie

 Illmatic Tee

Illmatic TeeSo I guess I can stop beating around the bush by casually mentioning Illmatic, and just show you this shirt that conveys that message for you. Nas lets this album speak for itself, so you might as well rock this album’s artwork and let it speak for itself. You could go with a white shirt that lets the picture pop, but I like this black cause it kinda lets the album cover fade in ¬†and lay in the shadows, which is more representative of Illmatic’s sound.

Nas - Illmatic Tee

Baggy Joggers

Baggy JoggersNow that we’ve covered the top of your look, you gotta get some comfortable pants. Jeans are classic, but they’re not as comfortable as joggers are. This is the type of shit all the young bucks in rap are rocking, and it’s because shit isn’t only comfortable but lets you bust a move if you need to. Shit, I’m rocking some joggers right now as I write this, because they give you the freedom to be unencumbered and really get those creative juices flowing, ya feel me?

Baggy Jogger Pants

Buy yourself something nice.

I looked around for a while to show y’all this dope but cheap hip hop clothing, because ballin on a budget is what it’s all about. Sure, some of this shit leans towards being for Nas fans, but if you don’t like Illmatic I don’t know why you’re listening to hip hop. Anyways, which of these are the dopest to you?

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