California Love: Earl and Kendrick Lamar

So Kendrick was answering some questions on twitter.

Folks were asking him a bunch of shit, then someone popped the real question, asking who his favorite rapper doing it right now was. Kendrick responded with Earl Sweatshirt, who most recently dropped I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Let’s talk about this shit.

Southern California

Kendrick Earl TwitterSo Kendrick saying Earl might seem to come out of nowhere, but it makes sense for a few reasons. First of all, they’re both coming out of the same area, so they probably got similar tastes and shit. Second of all, Kendrick is a student of flow and rap, and it’s impossible not to appreciate Earl’s flow. Finally, you might have expected Kendrick to say a more socially conscious rapper, but Earl keeps his social commentary subtle, which I think Kendrick’s got to appreciate.

Now, an interesting thing is that they both hit national (if not household) fame at about the same time, with earl in 2010 and Section 80 in 2011. Earl is only 21 though, while Kendrick is 27 (even though he had years of work before Section 80), so they got a pretty big age difference. I gotta think that Kendrick just respects that young hustle and natural talent, which Earl’s got a lot of both. Not to mention that even though Kendrick is definitely more famous, Earl had a lot of shit to deal with by getting big so early and then having to deal with Samoa, so Kendrick probably respects that too.

So when are we getting that collab?

Earl Sweatshirt - I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go OutsideConsidering that Earl responded with a shoutout and by saying they got the coast sewed up, I gotta start waiting for that collab album. Can you imagine anything doper than Earl and Kendrick switching off between that lazy flow and that machine gun flow? Also just imagine those beats. They can both ride that real dark shit like no one else, and they can both say more in fewer words than anyone else. If they really wanna get the West Coast on lock, they gotta get that Kendrick Lamar X Earl Sweatshirt X Dr. Dre X Tyler, The Creator album going, cause that shit will go platinum in a week.

Anyways, did you expect that shit?

If you expected Kendrick to say Earl Sweatshirt was his favorite rapper doing it right now, then you got a job at Spit Talking open for you cause I didn’t expect that shit. It makes sense though, mostly cause they’re both pretty much on top of the game with dope recent releases and they’re both from Southern California. Anyways, I’ll just be waiting on that collab. Any day now.

Spit Talking

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