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Gifts For Hip Hop Heads: 2015 Edition

The end of the year is just around the corner, and that means some of y’all gotta finish your shopping. Sometimes it’s tough finding the right gifts to buy, but if you’re shopping for a rap fan I can help you out. This is the 2015 edition of the ultimate gifts for hip hop heads. Whether you got a fat budget or you’ve come upon lean times, I got something for you.

Big Pimpin’ Tier

These gifts are over $100 (at time of posting), and you might be interested in them if you’re shopping for someone really special or if you just make beaucoup bucks.

Amazon Echo

Amazon EchoIf money is not really an object, transform someone’s house with the Amazon Echo. Once you’ve given the person you’re shopping for the Amazon Echo, they’ll feel like they’re living in the future. By just calling out to Alexa, they’ll be able to play any of their dope music, whether they’re feeling some Kanye or feeling a little Kendrick. The Echo can also help you stay informed on the news and can catch you up with the latest game scores. If you give the hip hop head in your life the gift of Amazon Echo, they’ll think of you every time they yell at Alexa (from across the room) to put on that Black Star album again.

Amazon Echo

BioLite CampStove

BioLite CampStoveThis one’s a bit more out there, but if you know someone who lives for hip hop and camping, the BioLite CampStove is a home run. This is more than just a source of fire to boil some water while you’re roughing it — this stove will make sure you’re never caught in the woods without some dope rap. It generates power as it burns, so you can charge a USB device at the same time as you’re roasting marshmallows. This stove can make sure you don’t go hungry while camping, but more importantly it makes sure you’ll never be caught without enough battery to bump some hip hop.

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

We Major Tier

Gifts between $50 and $100 (at time of posting), these are still a bit more expensive and show that you major but won’t exactly break the bank.

 Fire HD 6

Fire HD 6In case the hip hop head in your life still doesn’t have some sort of tablet, snatch up a Fire HD 6 for them right now, while they’re only $80. With this tablet, rap fans can keep up with the latest news and reviews (like on Spit Talking, for example), make their own beats with some of the dope apps out there, and pretty much do anything you can do on the internet. Most tablets that come this cheap are pretty much garbage (whether they’re poorly built or just don’t run well at all), but you can trust Amazon Fire tablets as much as any tablets. With a price this cheap, you might as well go ahead and get yourself one, too. The hip hop head you’re getting this for will think you’re absolutely spoiling them, and you don’t even have to tell them you really didn’t spend that much dough.

Fire HD 6

Snowball USB Microphone

Snowball MicrophoneIf you got a hip hop head in your life who’s trynna start making their own name in the game, set them up with a nice mic. The Snowball USB Microphone is a great choice, because you can plug it right into your computer and start recording. Other Spit Talking readers just like you have gone with the Snowball Mic, so you know it’s a great gift for the hip hop heads in your life. It also comes with a desktop stand, so it’s a great way to help someone start building their own home studio. Think about it: you can be Anthony Anderson to your friend’s Terrence Howard and start getting your own Hustle & Flow going.

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone

Everyday Struggle Tier

These gifts are under $50 (at time of posting), and they’re not exactly cheap but they probably won’t require layaway or anything.

To Pimp A Butterfly (or any dope album) Vinyl

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A ButterflyFinally, if you don’t have that much cash but you still want to show someone you’re thinking of them, how about getting them a nice physical copy of an album? If they have a record player, I would go with To Pimp A Butterfly (you know, the best hip hop album of the year) on vinyl. If they don’t have a record player, you can still hit them with the CD or something. If they already have To Pimp A Butterfly, why not hit them with a physical copy of any dope hip hop album? Maybe they only have a digital version of their favorite album, in which case I’m sure they’d love a physical copy.

To Pimp A Butterfly

The Hip Hop Box

Hip Hop BoxIf you’re honestly not sure what the hip hop head in your life’s favorite album/rapper is, hit them with The Hip Hop Box! This 4-CD set covers all the classics, from Rapper’s Delight to The Next Episode. Every single hip hop fan will be able to find something they’re happy about on this box set, whether they’re looking for Queen Latifah or N.O.R.E. Shit, if you’re trynna get someone into hip hop but they don’t know where to start, send them the Hip Hop Box! Whether your friend’s been listening to hip hop for 30 years or they just heard about Busta Rhymes for the first time yesterday, the Hip Hop Box will make their days a bit doper.

The Hip Hop Box

I hope you found some dope rap gifts for the hip hop heads in your life, no matter what your budget. I know some of these gifts might seem kind of funky, but they would make straight up great gifts for rap fans too. If you still need to keep looking for something for the hip hop fan in your life, check out Spit Talking’s other recommendations. Thanks for reading, and I hope I helped y’all find something!

Dope Hip Hop Apps We’ve Seen

Occasionally, we recommend some shit to y’all.

This can be clothes or albums, but I like telling y’all about free hip hop apps. I can try them with no risk, and I can recommend them easier because there’s no risk to y’all if you decide to listen to me and try the app. Anyways, let’s look at some of the dope hip hop apps (for iPhone) that Spit Talking has tried out and decided you just might like.

Listen to some hip hop

RAPstationIf you just want the best ways to listen to hip hop, I got 2 apps you gotta download. First of all, get Datpiff so you can download all the hottest mixtapes right when they come out. The best mixtapes are practically free albums, so you don’t wanna miss any of them (and stay posted at Spit Talking to hear about them.) Then you’re also gonna want to get RAPstation for the best hip hop radio. Whether you want some good classic hip hop or nonstop instrumentals, RAPstation’s got you, completely free.

Make some hip hop

If you’re feeling a little ambitious and wanna make some beats, go with Auxy: Beat Studio or Keezy Drummer. They’re both free apps that are simple enough to learn in a minute. You’re not gonna be able to mix a track on them or anything, but they’re great easy ways to make a quick beat, whether you’re trynna freestyle or just putting down a beat you got kicking around in your head so you don’t forget it. Keezy Drummer is even simpler than Auxy, and doesn’t even need a tutorial. Despite being so simple, you can make some dope shit on both of them.

Text some hip hop

Drizzy app textsFinally, if you wanna text some hip hop lyrics to your friends, then you’re gonna need a hip hop keyboard for your messages. If you get RapKey you can text your friends a bunch of different hip hop lyrics from a few different rappers. If you wanna get more specific, hit up the Drizzy app and you can text all types of Drake lyrics, from hate to hustle to feels. It really wasn’t the future until we could text rap lyrics to each other with just a few taps.


Finally, RapChat is a combination between making hip hop and texting hip hop. It’s like snapchat, but there’s a bunch of hip hop beats that you can record freestyles over and send to your friends. Finally, rap battling has come into the digital age and it’s never been easier. If you wanna talk some shit to your friends while spitting the hottest fire, RapChat is the best way to do it.

Scope these apps!

Again, all of these apps are completely free, and most of them don’t even have in-app purchases, so you got nothing to lose! I personally recommend any of these to hip hop fans who wanna upgrade their iPhones. Download one or two of them and let me know how much better your life is.

Spit Talking

Scope This Free Beat App: Keezy Drummer

Ever wanna make a beat quick?

Maybe you’re a producer and you have a beat in your head that you wanna get down quick somewhere. Maybe you’re a rapper and you need a beat to write to/freestyle to, but you don’t wanna spend too much time making a beat. Maybe you just wanna fuck around with some beats. In any of these cases, Keezy Drummer is the app for you. It’s completely free with no in app purchases, so if you got an iPhone you should really go scope it. If you need convincing though, let me tell you about it.

Keezy Drummer - Elepath, Inc

The interface

Keezy Drummer HomeKeezy is maybe the most intuitive beat-making app I’ve seen yet. That right there is the home screen, with each circle representing a different drum sound. You can choose from Kick, Snare, Fat Snare, Closed Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat, Blip, Blop, Hah, Clap, Click, Snap, Shake, Tambourine and Bomb. They’re all crisp-sounding, and you can have up to 9 different ones going at once. You can actually make pretty complex beats with this shit, even though they’re real repetitive. This makes it a good starting step for producers, and it’s also just enough for rappers looking to make a quick simple beat.

Keezy Drummer PadThen when you tap inside each circle you have 16 circles so you can place hits of whatever drum you got going. That’s it, it couldn’t be any more simple. This is probably the easiest way to make a quick repetitive beat there is. Again, you’re not gonna be able to use this in a track or anything (you can’t export or save beats, although a beat will stay up on the app even if you close out), but it’s perfect for getting a beat from your head to actual sounds, or for giving yourself a backing to write rap or freestyle. The makers of it claim that there’s no tutorial because you don’t need one, and it’s hard to argue.

Simplicity is key

Keezy Drummer BPMIt’s so simple because there’s really not much you can do. Again, you can get up to 9 drum tracks going at once, you can choose between 14 drum sounds, and you can change the BPM. Along with deleting tracks and playing/pausing, that’s the extent of the app. It works because it’s completely minimalistic, so it’s a distraction-free way to get some ideas going on a beat. The fact that it’s totally free helps too, so it’s pretty much the first tool folks should go to when they’re tossing around a beat in their head.

Go have some fun.

I’m serious, this shit is free and it’s 3 damn megabytes, so you and your phone can afford it. It’s so simple that it’s fun, and it’s pretty much an advanced metronome app that does the few things it tries to perfectly. For a free minimalistic beat app, you can’t get much better than Keezy Drummer.

Keezy Drummer - Elepath, Inc

Spit Talking

RapKey: The iPhone’s Hip Hop Keyboard

Lemme tell y’all about RapKey.

Remember the Drizzy keyboard app where you could text folks Drake lyrics from your iPhone? Well, if you’ve read my writeup of the Drizzy app you know that I’ve been waiting for an app that can text other rappers’ lyrics too. Well, even though it’s not brand new it’s new to me, so let me tell y’all about Rapkey, which is like the Drizzy app but with more lyrics. Not to mention it’s totally free, as it should be.

RapKey - Ativ Patel

The appRapKey Categories

Once you’ve parted with that zero dollars and downloaded/installed the app, go to your phone’s settings, then general, then keyboard, then add the RapKey keyboard. Once you have it as a keyboard you’re ready to start texting folks your favorite lyrics, from “Walking round always mad reputation” to the classics like “Straight out the fucking dungeons of rap.” Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t broken up by rapper (which would be nice) but instead they’re broken up into mood, kind of like the Drizzy app. By choosing with the emojis, you can pick (from left to right) between the following types of lyrics:

  • Where are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Talking with Bae
  • La la la I can’t hear you
  • Let me be great
  • Numbers on the board
  • and a Delete button, which is nice so you don’t have to switch out to a different keyboard for that.


RapKey in ActionNow, don’t get me wrong, I’m real happy this app exists, but it’s not perfect. I wish that there were sections split up by rapper, because I’ma need pretty much all of Illmatic and Liquid Swords up in my texts so I’m holding out for Nas and GZA keyboard apps. I’m also gonna need some trademark noises that rappers make on my keyboard, like the obvious ones from Kanye, Birdman and Rick Ross, to name a few. If I’m not able to throw a Lil Jon “WHAT?” in there, it ain’t perfect yet. Anyways, this is what we got for now, and it’s easy to navigate and has a solid selection of lyrics, but really needs some more.

It’s free though

Since it’s free and you don’t gotta pay anything, we can look past all those shortcomings. The Drizzy app is dope, but it’s not quite versatile enough. I name RapKey the new world champion iPhone keyboard, but that’s just until an app that separates by rapper and has a huge library of lyrics come along. Until then, go with the completely free RapKey and start texting everybody you know some rap lyrics.

RapKey - Ativ Patel

Spit Talking

RAPstation: Hip Hop in Your Pocket

Get RAPstation in your life.

RAPstation is a free iPhone app that’s pretty much the dopest hip hop radio station out there. It’s the app for, which Chuck D (of Public Enemy fame) foundeed in 1999. If you like dope hip hop, you gotta be hip to RAPstation. I mean, Chuck D was smart enough to launch this shit 16 years ago, so there’s no excuse at this point for you to not be on this.

The site

Chuck D


Chuck D knew how big the internet would be for hip hop (before many other people did), so he wanted to make sure there would always be a place by hip hop artists for hip hop artists and listeners. Anyways, in case you couldn’t guess, the most important part of RAPstation is its hip hop radio station. They got a dope line-up which only plays the dope shit, so you’re not allowed to complain about how shitty rap on the radio is anymore, because at least one radio station has got your back now.

That’s not all though, the site’s also got hip hop news (written and on the air for a minute every hour), RAPstation TV and if the radio station is your thing you can sign up to be a DJ on it. They even got charts, and it’s not so much a radio station as it is a rap ecosystem. Leave it up to Chuck D to make sure there’s a dope spot for hip hop artists and fans on the web.

The app

RAPstationAnyways, the site obviously came before the app, but we live in the future now so you can easily have RAPstation on the go. Once you get the app (for free, and it doesn’t even have any bullshit in-app purchases of anything), you can choose to stream the normal RAPstation stream, or choose from some artist radio stations, including of course Public Enemy (my personal favorite.) Between the RAPstation app, the Datpiff app and whatever you got from iTunes, all your hip hop needs can easily be on your phone at all times.

The site doesn’t just have stations though, and it tries to be a more faithful little brother to the site. They also got charts, but the dopest part is “This Day In Hip Hop & Rap History” (in the Extras), which is pretty much like one of those daily calendars but for hip hop facts. This would already be dope, but paired with the fact that you can also stream dope rap for free makes this app a must-have for any hip hop fan.

Trust Chuck D.

Listen. Chuck D is one of the best rappers of all time, and one of the most important folks in the movement in general, and he has been for almost 30 years. If you’re gonna put your trust in dope hip hop anywhere, put it in the mastermind behind Public Enemy. Download the free RAPstation app for your iPhone and live large.

RAPstation - BTN East

Spit Talking

Get That Drake Keyboard: Drizzy App

Get Drizzy in ya pocket.

You ever text bae or your friends Drake lyrics? Of course you have, I mean you’re here right? Anyways, you don’t have to do it manually anymore, because now there’s an iPhone app for that. Download the Drizzy app for free and save time everyday.

Drizzy - Luc Succes

The categories

Drake Texting


So first of all, after you got the app you gotta go to your general settings and add the Drizzy keyboard. Once you got it you can easily text anyone some Drake lyrics (and if you want, a link to the track they’re from on Spotify.) Congratulations, you are pretty much Drake at this point. Take a victory lap and think about how much better this one app will make your life. Once you know who you’re gonna text, just switch over to the Drizzy keyboard and pick from a few categories of Drake lyrics:

  • Feels
  • Hustle
  • Ex’s
  • Hate
  • Random
  • Recently Used

They got a good amount of lines, from Drake’s old shit (“I be hittin’ all the spots that you ain’t even know was there”) to If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (“I got no friends in this, momma, I don’t pretend with this, momma, I’on joke with this, momma.”)

Other artists

After you dowload the app, they ask you to register so you can stay updated on new artists, lyrics and features. Does this mean they’ll be adding other artists lyrics to this keyboard, or maybe just different keyboards for different artists? Hopefully, and hopefully they don’t charge for any of that shit. Assuming it’ll be free, here are some artists I would download lyric keyboards of immediately:

  • Kanye (obviously)
  • Domo Genesis (when it’s too hazy to type out my thoughts)
  • Nas (or even just an Ether keyboard. Nothing like having the ability to ether folks on the go)
  • Mos Def and/or Talib Kweli (for when you’re trynna get deep)
  • Chance the Rapper (to constantly blow folks’s minds with Acid Rap lyrics)

Drizzy app textsUntil then though we got Drizzy, and he’s a good dude to start with. He’s got a good variety of lines, so whether you’re mad at your ex or missing your ex, the Drizzy keyboard will have you covered. Once you start texting your friends/bae full Drake lyrics out of the blue, you won’t be able to stop.

What are you gonna spam to your friends?

I mean the obvious choices are “RUNNIN’ THROUGH THE 6 WITH MY WOES” and “WORST”, but there are some other good ones too. Most importantly, which other rappers do you need lyric keyboards of? I stand by my choice of Kanye. For now, just download the free keyboard and start living the dream.

Drizzy - Luc Succes

Spit Talking

The Hip Hop App We All Need: RapChat

Snapchat, meet rap.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat to freestyle (which is easily the dopest use of Snapchat), you might dig RapChat. It’s basically like Snapchat, as in you send short things to your friends, except in this case it’s not pictures/videos but freestyles. This is the hip hop app (for iPhone) you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without. Whether you just wanna practice your freestyle or you wanna take it to someone, this app is for you.

Rapchat - freestyle over a beat and send it to friends - RapChat, LLC

Pick a friend

RapChat LogoSo this shit is pretty simple without any bullshit, which is always nice. The first thing you gotta do is pick someone you’re about to freestyle to/roast. I mean, I guess you don’t have to roast them, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Anyways, you can connect through Facebook if you wanna see who on your friend list has the app, and then like snapchat you can send it to one person or multiple people, depending on how confident you’re feeling. You can also post your shit to Facebook or Twitter.

Pick a beat

Then there’s a bunch of beats you can pick from, and it takes a second to download them but it’s pretty quick searching through them. Most of them are around 40 seconds, with some being 10 seconds shorter or longer. They’re not submitted or anything, so you can’t add any of your own which kind of sucks but it’s not that bad. The beats are pretty dope actually, and there’s a decent amount of them (with more occasionally being added) with enough variety to spit different type of shit.


Inside RapChatOnce you got your audience and your backing, it’s time to record. You can record as many times as you want, but don’t be a punk, you gotta send in the 1st one if you wanna be real. It’s really simple and takes about a second to learn, so at this point it’s all about how good you are at freestyling. My advice: just jump in without having 2 lines ready to go or something, because then you won’t get stuck after that and you can just flow.

Download it for free and enjoy!

Did I mention the best part? Well this is free which is dope because then you can try it and convince your dumbass friends to try it too (so you can practice on them before getting to the big leagues) at no cost. Download RapChat and settle all your scores through freestyle, the way god intended. The more people download this shit the better it’ll be, so spread the word! And if folks aren’t convinced, send them to Spit Talking.

Rapchat - freestyle over a beat and send it to friends - RapChat, LLC

Spit Talking

Buy Yourself Some Cheap Hip Hop Clothing

So you’re looking for some cheap hip hop clothing

I feel that, I mean you’re not trynna blow that whole paycheck on a dope jacket (no matter how much you want to.) So I searched around and found some dope cheap hip hop clothing for y’all to buy if that wallet’s tight. Whether you’re looking for some dope hats, an Illmatic tee or an ODB hoodie, pick something up today and stay fresh for a good while.

Cityscape Snapback

Cityscape SnapbackSo first of all let’s start at the top and give you something to rock on your dome. If you’re walking the streets of a city, might as well get some shit that reflects that. And I mean that because of the dope cityscape graphic, but also that this shit is so white that you ain’t gonna get run over because folks are gonna see you jaywalking from a mile away. If the cover of Illmatic wasn’t the man himself, it would probably just be some shit like this.

Underground Kulture Cityscape Snapback

1994 Hat

1994 HatNow I don’t wanna leave y’all who have to freeze for a few months every year out, because I know that struggle. Anyways, this shit will keep your dome warm but it’ll also look good cause it’s mad clean. 1994 is the year Illmatic came out, so that’s explanation enough for anyone who asks why you’re rocking it. But if for some crazy reason they still want another explanation, well shit Ready to Die came out in 1994 too, so there.

1994 Knitted Hat

ODB Hoodie

ODB HoodieNow we’re down to the torso. If you wanna continue the simple and red theme, buy yourself this ODB hoodie. It looks like an album cover cause it’s got that simple iconic style. If Andy Warhol had been around for the meteoric rise of the Wu-Tang, he probably would have made a few thousand of these hoodies and maybe even rocked one of them himself. Maybe you can’t get a bulletproof suit like Dirty’s, but this is the next-best thing.

ODB Hoodie

 Illmatic Tee

Illmatic TeeSo I guess I can stop beating around the bush by casually mentioning Illmatic, and just show you this shirt that conveys that message for you. Nas lets this album speak for itself, so you might as well rock this album’s artwork and let it speak for itself. You could go with a white shirt that lets the picture pop, but I like this black cause it kinda lets the album cover fade in  and lay in the shadows, which is more representative of Illmatic’s sound.

Nas - Illmatic Tee

Baggy Joggers

Baggy JoggersNow that we’ve covered the top of your look, you gotta get some comfortable pants. Jeans are classic, but they’re not as comfortable as joggers are. This is the type of shit all the young bucks in rap are rocking, and it’s because shit isn’t only comfortable but lets you bust a move if you need to. Shit, I’m rocking some joggers right now as I write this, because they give you the freedom to be unencumbered and really get those creative juices flowing, ya feel me?

Baggy Jogger Pants

Buy yourself something nice.

I looked around for a while to show y’all this dope but cheap hip hop clothing, because ballin on a budget is what it’s all about. Sure, some of this shit leans towards being for Nas fans, but if you don’t like Illmatic I don’t know why you’re listening to hip hop. Anyways, which of these are the dopest to you?

Spit Talking

Buy Hip Hop on Vinyl and Live Large

So you want some rap on vinyl, huh?

Listening to hip hop on vinyl is the shit. The music just generally sounds like it originally did, and you get a more complete feel of the recording. The mixing and mastering is also original, so you don’t gotta rely on your mp3 player having the right EQ on or anything. Not to mention that having vinyl albums is pretty much like having pieces of art around your spot, so if you pick up some vinyls you don’t need any posters. Anyways, buy some hip hop on vinyl and step up your music collection. Let me show you which ones you gotta start with. A lot of these have Amazon Autorip, which means if you buy the album you get the mp3s free, so that’s just a mad dope deal.

Sennheiser HD201s


First of all, you’re gonna want yourself a turntable. They can get expensive with the turntable and speaker set-up, but if you’re lucky you can get a combination one on the cheap. Well, you are lucky because you found Spit Talking, and let me just tell you what I use. I go for the Jensen turntable that only takes up a little more space than a shoebox, is mad easy to set up and isn’t even $50.

Jensen Stereo Turntable (Silver)

The Roots – Game Theory

The Roots - Game TheoryIf you really wanna get the most out of your new record player, you’re probably gonna wanna go with The Roots. The fact that they’re actually a live band will maximize the sound dopeness and you won’t miss even the smallest detail. Game Theory is my favorite Roots album, but you could pretty much go with any of them. I love this album artwork though, and the title track on Game Theory alone makes picking up a copy of this classic album worth it.

Game Theory

Eazy-E – Eazy-Duz-It

Eazy-E AKA The Godfather of Gangsta Rap AKA one of the most best rappers of all time brings the heat in his debut (which also has a lot of help from the rest of NWA on it.) You need at least one ’80s rap album in your collection, and Eazy-E’s distinctive style makes it an easy choice (aside from Public Enemy, I guess.) If you wanna hear the album that made Eazy-E a superstar in his own right, pick up a copy of Eazy-Duz-It on vinyl.


GZA – Liquid Swords

GZA - Liquid SwordsSpeaking of mad dope solo efforts right around the time of dope debuts from the greater group, we got Liquid Swords. The best Wu-Tang solo album was also one of the first, and from the beginning the atmosphere makes it obvious why that is. If you like concept albums, skits, dope-ass beats or just great rap in general, it’s hard to get any better than GZA. Pick up a copy of Liquid Swords, have the dope album artwork around your house and hear the skits crackle in all their creepy glory.

Liquid Swords

Ghostface Killah – 12 Reasons to Die

Speaking of mad dope Wu-Tang solo concept albums, Ghostface Killah kills all of 12 Reasons to Die with some help from Adrian Younge’s production. This shit was based off a comic book (by Ghostface) and it’s got that mad creepy Wu-Tang feel, Ghostface’s lyrics (as Tony Starks), and yes, skits. This album came out long after the Wu’s peak, but it’s a throwback to the glory days.

12 Reasons to Die

Mos Def – Black on Both Sides

Mos Def - Black on Both SidesNow this album’s about 15 years old, but the vinyl doesn’t drop on Amazon until March 3rd, 2015, so keep that in mind if you’re trynna cop. Black on Both Sides came out a little after Black Star, and damn, it’s hard to pick which one’s better. Mos Def is one of the best rappers of all time, and this is his best (solo) work. Come for the dope beats and nice-sounding rhymes, stay for the political messages and history lesson. Pick up a copy of Black and Both Sides and hang the album cover as a portrait of Mos.

Black on Both Sides

Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

Ok, I promise this is the last Wu-Tang-related album we got for you. A Better Tomorrow is the Wu’s last album (just came out a few months ago), and it’s just not quite as good as the Wu’s peak, but it would be a classic from anyone else. Pick up a copy of A Better Tomorrow (after reading my review) and hear the whole clan (besides ODB, RIP) throw it down together one last time. By the time you get to the end of the album, the only disappointment is that the Wu will not be releasing any more albums. This is also a pre-order, and it drops in March, 2015..

A Better Tomorrow

J Cole – 2014 Forest Hills Drive

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills DriveFinally, you’ll wanna pick up J Cole’s latest album (and one of the dopest of 2015.) It’s not exactly a concept album, but it does track the progression of his adolescence and since there are no rap features, it’s all Cole, weaving a cohesive sound. Scope my review then pick up a copy of this shit, even if you already have a non-vinyl copy. Folks will remember this album 20 years from now, and you’ll want a hard copy. This shit on vinyl is basically like a literary classic in bound hardcover.

2014 Forest Hills Drive

Enjoy the tunes!

Pick up a mad cheap but surprisingly dope turntable and then grab any of these albums, and you already got a great evening planned out right there. Whether you want the crisper, more original sound, or want to get some dope artwork around your spot from the album covers, buy some dope hip hop on vinyl. Also, if you’re getting gifts for folks, it’s a much better look to throw someone a vinyl record than email them some mp3s.

Spit Talking

Buy Some Old School Hip Hop Hats

Stay Fresh, Starting At The Top

First of all, you gotta look good, as this is one of the fundamental commandments of everyday life. Dope hats are crucial for 2 reasons: they keep you warm (cause mad heat escapes from the top of your head), and they top you off before you go out. These are some old school hip hop hats you might wanna buy if you’re trynna rock some dope shit.

 Music Player Cap

Music Player CapThis is one of the doper hip hop hats I’ve ever seen. It reminds me a lot of my favorite notebook, actually. It’s even got some headphones drawn in so you can wear headphones while you wear headphones and strut down the street. I really like this color scheme, because black is always a good base for a cap (because you can rock black with anything), the red trim is dope and the levels in the middle have all the color this cap needs. Wear this shit if you want people to know you like music and probably hip hop, but don’t wanna get more specific. This look will always be classic.

Hip Hop Music Player Baseball Cap

Boombox Cap

Boombox CapThis is kind of like the last cap’s brother. You can unleash your inner Radio Raheem if you pair this one with some brass knuckles saying LOVE and HATE. Anyways, what did I just say about black hats? This shit could go with anything, and the way the boombox pops out just makes it look like it belongs on the street, bumping that good old school hip hop shit. Now this still isn’t a RUN DMC cap or anything, but this shit will let folks know that hip hop is what you’re bumping in your headphones.

Boombox Hip Hop Baseball Cap

Air Jordan Snapback

Air Jordan SnapbackNow if you’re walking in Chicago (but shit, really anywhere), you might wanna be rocking the number 23. Jerseys and kicks are a little bit high budget, so why not go for a snapback? Unlike a Bulls cap (go for the Music Player Cap up there if you want red and black), this is nice neutral colors but the white trim makes the 23 pop. Most of my caps are louder colors than this shit, but it’d be nice to have a little subtlety in my closet. Go with this if you wanna go back to the ’90s in hip hop, and you’re always bumping that Illmatic or Ready to Die.

#23 Air Jordan Snapback

Wu-Tang North Face Snapback

Wu-Tang North Face SnapbackNow we’re getting specific. I mean you probably already have a Wu-Tang shirt and hoodie (or if not, you should), but you might wanna pick up a snapback to complete that look. Also as an added bonus, you can make fun of white people and all their North Face shit by rocking this, so you’re killing 2 birds with one stone. Let folks know that you’re probably listening to Clan in the Front on your headphones, and show the world that the 2 word that best exemplify high fashion aren’t North Face, but Wu-Tang.

Wu-Tang Clan North Face Snapback

Wu-Tang Classic Snapback

Wu-Tang Classic SnapbackShit, if you’ve ever read Spit Talking you just know we had to have 2 Wu-Tang things for y’all to rock. This is the classic Wu-Tang look if you’re not trynna make fun of white people (to each his own), but it’s got a dope twist cause the logo’s metal too. While the last cap shows you’re listening to Clan in the Front, this is much more of a C.R.E.A.M. look. Show folks that cash rules everything around you, rock the Wu, and never have anyone fuck with you again. I mean, Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin to fuck with, right?

Wu-Tang Clan Gold Metal Badge Snapback

Stay fresh to death

and wear a mad dope snapback in the casket. These are the dopest old school hip hop hats I could find for y’all, so if you see something you like gone and buy yourself a dope look. And as usual, stay tuned at Spit Talking for all the flyest shit.

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