Chance the Rapper is Dropping Surf Soon

Y’all ready for a free album soon?

Apparently Chance announced at a concert that Surf, his next album with The Social Experiment, is dropping within the week. Just like Acid Rap, it’s gonna be free, so you won’t have any possible excuse not to cop that shit. Regardless, you can count on our review being up quick in case you got a real busy life or some shit. Also, it seems like announcing new albums at concerts is what’s hot on the streets, considering¬†what Nas just did. Anyways, let’s quickly get hype cause we don’t even got that much time.

Donnie Trumpet

Donnie Trumpet - Donnie TrumpetSo Chance is making it a point that he’s touring with The Social Experiment, not just himself, and that it’ll be a Social Experiment album, not just a Chance album. It’s also supposedly gonna highlight Donnie Trumpet (their trumpet player, if you couldn’t guess), who was also a big part of Kids These Days with Vic Mensa. Donnie Trumpet also has his own EP, Donnie Trumpet (listen to it free here), which has one Chance feature and a bunch of Vic features, so you really gotta go scope it if you haven’t yet, then be excited for what he’s gonna do on Surf.


Chance the Rapper - Acid RapChance is following what he did with Acid Rap, which is releasing a full album for free and then making cash on tours and merch (not to mention a track with Justin Bieber.) This is real dope, because then fans can get all his music for free and he can grow his fan base way quicker. He’s also got ways to make money though, which A) he deserves for putting out good shit and B) is necessary for him to keep making doper and doper music, so I cosign that shit. Way before If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, folks were dropping full albums as mixtapes (but actually keeping them free, as they should be), and launching their careers that way. It’s worked for Chance better than anyone else.

Chance knows what he’s doing.

In case anyone out there (somehow) slept on Acid Rap, Surf is gonna be another opportunity for Chance to get a few million more fans and keep making a name for himself. You also gotta love responding to all the piracy in music by just dropping the shit for free and trusting your shit to be good enough that people will want to pay to see you live. If we know anything about Chance, it’ll be ambitious but real musical, and above all way doper than a free project should be.

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