Chance the Rapper – Sunday Candy Short Film

Chance is bringing the Sunday Candy.

Parts new song, part music video, part art, Chance the Rapper and Austin Vesely have brought us a short film called Sunday Candy on this lovely Sunday. The song’s great, the video’s dope and Chance just keeps giving us reasons not to sleep on him. Even if it’s not Sunday when you’re reading this, give yourself a few minutes of kicking back and enjoying a little Chance.

Chance the Rapper – Sunday Candy

The song

Chance the Rapper - Sunday CandyAudio-wise, the track is kind of what we’ve come to expect from Chance’s shit. I don’t mean that it’s repetitive or that he’s done it before, but I mean that it’s upbeat, positive, inspiring and makes you smile, but is also musically interesting and includes Chance tearing it up with a few different flows. Even though we haven’t gotten any new albums or anything from Chance in a while, he has been releasing a steady stream of new music, not to mention jumping on some other folks’s tracks now and then. Still, considering that it’s obvious he’s only getting bolder and better, it’d be dope to get another full album from him sometime soon. But that’s just me being selfish.

The video

The video is the main reason I’m writing to y’all today, though, and Chance is front and center in a real interesting backdrop for the track. The track is nostalgia-filled and sets the tone for the video, which features throwback clothes and other things in a cardboard-cutout set. It’s real colorful but it’s also unlike most music video sets, because it feels like it’s straight out of a coloring book or something. It definitely gives off a lazy sunday vibe, but it’s also a throwback. In a way, so is Chance.

Chance the Rapper - Sunday CandyAnyways, the video and the song combine together for a great present from Chance the Rapper to the fans. He’s gotta be one of the most famous and loved artists without an actual LP of all time, and his ear is a big part. From the beat to the great vocal work he gets on Sunday Candy, Chance has a vision and he knows what to do to make it happen. He showed that on Acid Rap (and shit, on 10 Day too), and he only keeps showing it more since then.

Nice, right?

I’d love a track/short film like this every day of the week from Chance. Knowing him and his work ethic, we might eventually get that out of him. Until then, keep bumping Sunday Candy and enjoying the ride.

Chance the Rapper – Sunday Candy

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