Cherry Bomb Is Running The Charts

As we know, Tyler just dropped Cherry Bomb.

Here at Spit Talking we reviewed it yesterday, in case you’re wondering how it is. It’s definitely ambitious, but it didn’t all come together except for a few highlights. Besides the highs, it’s dope but not quite as groundbreaking as Tyler could have made it. As a showcase of his production versatility though, it definitely works. Anyways, it’s a dope album and people are realizing that. Let’s see how Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb is doing on the iTunes charts.

Number 1

Tyler, The Creator - Cherry BombCherry Bomb hit number 1 on the iTunes hip hop and general charts pretty much right after it became available to pre-order, which was a few days before the actual release but included 2 tracks. Anyways, it’s still staying strong at number 1 on iTunes a few days after release, so it’s gotta be selling pretty well. Salute to Tyler for that, and it’s dope to see some shit that’s trying to be different get so much support. I mean, shit, that’s how music pretty much evolves, right?

Along with Earl’s release of I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, this makes 2015 a pretty damn good year so far for Odd Future. Earl and Tyler were by far the most controversial rappers in the crew, and they’ve both shown incredible growth in the past few years and on their most recent albums. Now we just gotta wait for Frank’s album to drop and it’ll be a hell of a first half of 2015 for Odd Future fans. I mean, assuming that Frank’s album will be mad dope, which is not so much a safe assumption as it is a sure thing.


Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A ButterflyTo Pimp A Butterfly is currently at number 4 in the iTunes hip hop charts, and has slipped out of the top 10 to number 12 in the overall charts. Considering it’s been out a month, that’s definitely respectable, but I’m just disappointed in the whole country for not keeping that shit at number 1 for AT LEAST a year. In the future they’ll look back at us and laugh, because Kendrick Lamar dropped one of the hottest hip hop albums in a few years, and that shit deserves Dark Side of the Moon longevity on the charts.

You like Tyler’s album?

Regardless of the sales numbers for Cherry Bomb, how do y’all feel about it? Do you dig the smoother side or the gritter parts of it? Let me know, cause there’s a lot going on in that album and it’s aimed at a lot of different people, so I wanna know how y’all feel about it.

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