DJ Premier Joining VH1’s The Breaks

Lemme tell y’all about The Breaks.

VH1 is making a hip hop show called The Breaks, from the dude who made The Wire. It’s gonna be about the rise of the business side of hip hop in New York in the early ’90s. You know, the golden age of hip hop and shit. Anyways, DJ Premier (AKA the legend behind Illmatic, Ready to Die, Black on Both Sides and so, so many more) is gonna be the executive music producer for the show. I mean, considering that he personally made a lot of the music from that era, they really couldn’t have gotten anyone better. Let’s get hyped.

The Breaks



So the show’s gonna follow three friends trynna make it in the business. This is right when hip hop was going mainstream and blowing up all over the country (and the world), and the business was blowing up right along with it. It’s gonna come out late fall, and they’re saying that if it does well in the ratings VH1 will probably make another full-fledged hip hop series, so I guess that means it’ll be more of a mini-series, or just one season or something. I’ll take whatever I can get though, and with Premier it should do real well.

It’s apparently based on a book calledĀ The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-HopĀ by Dan Charnas, so it’s looking like it’s gonna be a lot about the business side and maybe less about the music. Then again, it would be impossible to make a series about the business of hip hop without having any of the dope music in it, and that’s where Premier comes in. Let’s see why this was such a genius move to bring him in.

DJ Premier

DJ Premier


Again, dude actually made a lot of the classics in the ’90s, and worked with a lot of the old legends. He also has a little experience with the business side of hip hop himself (I mean, considering how big he got), so he can practically be a historical accuracy advisor for the show too. Most importantly though, Premier guarantees that at least some of the focus on The Breaks will be on the music itself, and since it’s Premier you know it’s gonna be the shit. You really gotta watch this shit once it comes out for the soundtrack if nothing else.

Get hyped.

We’ve got The Get Down and Russell Simmons’s musical coming soon, and now we’re getting The Breaks. It’s a hell of a time to be a hip hop head right now, not just for the music but for the shows too. Stay tuned here at Spit Talking for updates on The Breaks and any other dope shows/movies/musicals we might be getting.

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