Dope Hip Hop Apps We’ve Seen

Occasionally, we recommend some shit to y’all.

This can be clothes or albums, but I like telling y’all about free hip hop apps. I can try them with no risk, and I can recommend them easier because there’s no risk to y’all if you decide to listen to me and try the app. Anyways, let’s look at some of the dope hip hop apps (for iPhone) that Spit Talking has tried out and decided you just might like.

Listen to some hip hop

RAPstationIf you just want the best ways to listen to hip hop, I got 2 apps you gotta download. First of all, get Datpiff so you can download all the hottest mixtapes right when they come out. The best mixtapes are practically free albums, so you don’t wanna miss any of them (and stay posted at Spit Talking to hear about them.) Then you’re also gonna want to get RAPstation for the best hip hop radio. Whether you want some good classic hip hop or nonstop instrumentals, RAPstation’s got you, completely free.

Make some hip hop

If you’re feeling a little ambitious and wanna make some beats, go with Auxy: Beat Studio or Keezy Drummer. They’re both free apps that are simple enough to learn in a minute. You’re not gonna be able to mix a track on them or anything, but they’re great easy ways to make a quick beat, whether you’re trynna freestyle or just putting down a beat you got kicking around in your head so you don’t forget it. Keezy Drummer is even simpler than Auxy, and doesn’t even need a tutorial. Despite being so simple, you can make some dope shit on both of them.

Text some hip hop

Drizzy app textsFinally, if you wanna text some hip hop lyrics to your friends, then you’re gonna need a hip hop keyboard for your messages. If you get RapKey you can text your friends a bunch of different hip hop lyrics from a few different rappers. If you wanna get more specific, hit up the Drizzy app and you can text all types of Drake lyrics, from hate to hustle to feels. It really wasn’t the future until we could text rap lyrics to each other with just a few taps.


Finally, RapChat is a combination between making hip hop and texting hip hop. It’s like snapchat, but there’s a bunch of hip hop beats that you can record freestyles over and send to your friends. Finally, rap battling has come into the digital age and it’s never been easier. If you wanna talk some shit to your friends while spitting the hottest fire, RapChat is the best way to do it.

Scope these apps!

Again, all of these apps are completely free, and most of them don’t even have in-app purchases, so you got nothing to lose! I personally recommend any of these to hip hop fans who wanna upgrade their iPhones. Download one or two of them and let me know how much better your life is.

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