Farewell (?) Desus vs Mero

Well folks, looks like the best show (not) on TV might be over.

Or it is for now, anyways. The last episode of Desus vs Mero (episode 46) aired on Complex a few weeks ago to finish up their year run. This is a damn tragedy and the streets demand more Desus vs Mero. I’ll start a kickstarter I don’t care, whatever it takes to get these geniuses back on the air.

Desus vs Mero Intro

If you haven’t watched any Desus vs Mero yet, scope my writeup then go watch all of them.

Final Episode

After 45 episodes (usually between 20-30 minutes), Desus vs Mero have sent off the fans with an hour special, which aired just before the end of the year. It’s a damn shame, because DVM used to be the most important part of every week. Aside from twitter (and Guy Code and a few other things), the internet no longer considers both sides nor do they catch #knowledgedarts anymore. This is a national tragedy and all flags should be half-mast until my kickstarter (coming soon) comes through for the rescue.

The DVM-ies

Desus vs Mero DVM-iesAnyways, the last episode is so long because of the most important year-end awards there are, the DVM-ies. They settle all of 2014’s burning final questions, including fight of the year, worst rapper of the year, (peak) caucacity of the year and others. So yeah, it’s an opportunity for them to talk just one more hour of unmarked nonsequential cash shit.

Marshawn Lynch obviously won RN of the year, and even I, as a bitter Packer fan, can appeciate that. Iggy Azalea only won a share (3/4) of worst rapper of the year, in the surprise of the century. Head over to Complex and scope the episode to see the other definitive year-end awards of 2014.

Desus vs Mero MigosThey also considered The Migos for RN of the year, for their commitment to rebuilding music following the distaster from a few decades ago, The Beatles. In related news, they also decided to add a new category last minute, Trash of the Year, which they gave to The Beatles, surprising exactly no one. Marshawn Lynch ultimately won out, but Migos still deserves mad respect for almost snatching the prestigious award.


It was a great episode, but near the end it got a little sad. I bet some people were wiping tears off their faces by the end (shh not me though.) For the first time we saw the green screen with nothing on it, showing just how hood their set really is (you know, besides the green screen.) They also showed a minute or two behind the scenes, Desus had a (not surprising) confession about what’s in his cup, and they even brought out Donnie (the Complex editor who I assume made it all happen), which I’m pretty sure is technically snitching.

Desu vs Mero Green ScreenDesus vs Mero DonnieDesus vs Mero Behind the Scenes

So what now?

Well, if you haven’t seen every episode yet (there’s a good 46), go to Complex right now and scope every single one (they’re all worth it.) At least listen to the podcasts, which are actually longer because they’re not edited like the videos are. Then once you’ve done that watch a TV show that’s like DVM. There aren’t any, so you’ll have to chip in to my kickstarter (coming soon) to bring Desus vs Mero back to a screen near you.

I’ll be watching old episodes if you need me.

Watch Desus vs Mero on Complex

Ain’t nothing like Desus vs Mero, so let’s just hope it’s back soon. Alternatively, hopefully Desus and/or Mero go on to do big things and DVM will just be what started it all. But until then, be on the lookout for my kickstarter, and if you have an empty hole in your life like I do, join me in watching some movies with rappers.

Spit Talking

3 comments on “Farewell (?) Desus vs Mero

  1. realestniccayounoe March 3, 2015 9:56 pm

    I cant believe they canceled my dudes but Fashion bro fags still going strong. Niccaz was too real for Complex, whole site is getting old #complexwashed

    • Joaquin March 4, 2015 4:43 pm

      Straight up they were just too real. #ComplexMadWashed but so is everyone else until we get Desus vs Mero 2

      • Dshaf January 16, 2016 8:01 am

        They now have a podcast on soundcloud and ipodcasts its called bodega boys.

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