Funniest Hip Hop Skits

Wanna know what the best rap skits of all time are?

As long as rap has been around, the best hip hop album skits have taken classic albums to another level. From the ridiculously absurd to the subtly hilarious, the best skits are as good as classic tracks. These are some of the funniest hip hop skits there are.

Kanye West (well, Chris Rock) – Blame Game

Chris Rock


This one is real recent, but it’s still a straight-up classic hip hop skit. Kanye doesn’t do any of the heavy lifting in the skit (which is at the end of a dope track with John Legend (AKA da King), leaving that to Chris Rock. The funniest man in the country is trying to find out how this woman got her pussy reupholstered, among other things, to which she replies Yeezy taught her (presumably in the New Workout Plan.) Chris Rock just keeps on going, and you’ll just keep laughing your ass of as long as he does. It’s a dope song, and a mad funny skit.

Nas – Genesis



The intro to Illmatic, this one isn’t the funniest on this list, but it’s monumentally important and it’s got jokes. It’s the best type of rap skit, cause it’s pretty much just Nas and his friends sitting around listening to the radio, rolling up and talking shit. It’s funny as hell though when Nas pretty much just has to yell at his friends to light the Philly up. Similar situations have probably happened worldwide with this track on in the background for more than 20 years now. Also, the end of this kicks off NY State of Mind, which is of course the greatest hip hop track of all time.

Vic Mensa – Hollywood LA

Vic Mensa


Another recent one, this is off Vic Mensa’s mad dope (and mad free) mixtape, INNANETAPE. It starts with Vic’s phone ringing with a call from his agent or maybe friend or something who eventually realizes Vic just woke up. Vic tries to act like he wasn’t dreaming 10 seconds ago, and dude on the other side of the line is just yelling at him to make sure he actually catches his plane to Hollywood. It’s a real funny rap skit, and it also just happens to kick off a fire track. We’ve all answered the phone when we weren’t supposed to be sleeping and tried to act like we weren’t, and Vic gets that.

Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man

Method Man and U-God


The skit at the beginning of Method Man (on 36 Chambers of course), Torture is probably the funniest rap skit of all time, and definitely one of the most popular. Basically, U-God and Method Man go back and forth talking about the horrifying ways they’d torture each other, including rusty screwdrivers. Again, the track kicked off by this skit is great, not to mention mad funny on its own. The Wu are the kings of the hip hop skit, and they perfected the form thanks in no small part to the Torture skit. Speaking of funny ass Wu-Tang Clan skits that heavily feature Method Man…

 Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple

Method Man


I said they were the kings right? This is also off 36 Chambers, but this time the skit is at the end of the song (which is also a hell of a track, and the best on the album in my opinion.) It’s not so much a skit as it is an interview, but fuck it this is my article. It’s not only hilarious but also mad educational (some might even say edutainment), as Method Man “starts from the top” and takes you through every member of the Wu (including Baby U, who’s a psychopathic thinker, since he thought of the Torture skit.)

I seriously think this is the best place to start for someone who wants to know who the folks in the Wu are, but if you already know you’ll just laugh your ass off. This is the best song on the album, and ends with maybe the funniest and definitely the best rap skit of all time. If every album had a part like this just explaining the rapper(s) and their mission(s), or a part doing something one of the other skits on this list does right, the hip hop world would be a better place.

Which one’s the funniest hip hop skit?

These are just some of my favorites from a variety of recent and classic albums, and there are way more than 5 funny rap skits. Let me know which ones you think I fucked up by forgetting. I’m expecting a few more skits from the Wu.

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2 comments on “Funniest Hip Hop Skits

  1. Peter January 25, 2015 6:46 pm

    I don’t know how Childish Gambino’s outro on “That Power” doesn’t even get an honorable mention!!

    • Joaquin January 25, 2015 7:26 pm

      It´s got some funny parts but overall it´s just incredibly good. When I do best rap skits that´s for sure on there, even though there´s also gonna be a bit of overlap 😉

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