Get to Sleep Faster

Not all hip hop gets you hype.

But you wouldn’t necessarily know it from listening to the radio. There’s mad chill shit too, obviously. These are some tracks/projects that will help you get to sleep faster.

Kanye Sleeping


Respiration – Black Star

You could go with a few songs off of Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star, including Brown Skin Lady or Children’s Story (for a different take on the bedtime story), but Respiration is the main one for me. Even though Mos is talking “so much on my mind I just can’t recline”, this shit will help you get to sleep with a mad chill beat and the laid back delivery (even with Talib’s mile-a-minute flow.)

iTunes: Respiration - Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star

Donnie Trumpet – Donnie Trumpet

Donnie Trumpet - Donnie Trumpet

The self-titled EP from part of Kids These Days includes Vic Mensa on nearly every track, and also Chance the Rapper on the first one (Zion.) The overall sound is mad chill and the trumpet gives a much more layered and specifically trippy sound than most hip hop can dream of having. This project is perfect for falling asleep, waking up or just spending a lazy sunday to.

Download Donnie Trumpet free on djbooth

Pyramids – Frank Ocean

Again, Frank Ocean isn’t exactly hip hop but I don’t really care, he came up through Odd Future and I’ma write about him. This track has one of the best mid-song transitions of all time, and it’ll keep you grooving but it won’t keep you awake. Frank Ocean’s got that silky smooth voice and the vibe’s on point for this one.

iTunes: Pyramids - Channel ORANGE

Under the Influence – Domo Genesis

Domo Genesis - Under the Influence

Anyone who knows me knows I love Domo Genesis, and it probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that a rapper who loves bud is good to fall asleep to. Domo’s verses are sleepily dope, and they definitely aren’t simple, but the beats are real chill. Shine and Benediction are the ones you want to start with here.

Download Under the Influence Free on Datpiff

So next time you’re trynna put on some hip hop that won’t keep you up but will actually help you get to sleep faster, try some of the above shit.

It’s all dope, I promise. I guess another thing you could always do is put on some Macklemore or something because that shit is BORING and you will be snoozing before you can say “Kendrick was robbed.” And if you got something you’ve been falling asleep to for a while now, let me know!

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