Grammy Wrap-Up (Or Catching Up With Kanye)

So, The Grammys went down last night.

And I know I said they’re garbage, but hey I’m a human being with vices just like you. Some shit went down, and I guess they were overall worth paying attention to. The reason they were alright is easy to pick out though, and its name is Kanye.

Kanye and Beck

Photo: The Grammys

Mr. Grammys

Even though he wasn’t up for anything himself, he did perform twice and generally stole the show. First of all, mad people have been talking shit about Kanye West and how he’s an idiot and egotistical and crazy and talentless. Let’s just remember that the man has won 21 Grammys, so I don’t think many of those claims are valid (or non-racist.) So, let’s just get it out there, Kanye ran up to the stage after Beck beat Beyoncé for Best Album of the Year, got up to the mic and was about to snatch it, but then stopped, smiled and got off the stage without saying a word.

Kanye and Beck

Photo: The Grammys

When Kanye started off the stage, folks cracked up and started laughing cause they thought he was just joking on Beck and pulling a 2009 Kanye. Beck took it in good humor, tried to get Kanye back on the stage and later called him a genius. Afterwards though, Kanye said that Beck should “respect artistry” and give the award to Beyoncé (who even Beck said should have won.) It seems like Kanye didn’t say anything because of some combination of the fact that he’s a father now and has an Adidas sponsorship.

The power of Kanye

Let’s examine the power of Kanye though: he got up on the stage for about 3 seconds, didn’t say anything at all and still everyone knew it meant that Beyoncé should have won the award. Who else can say so much without saying anything at all? Also, who else could get away with jumping on stage and disrupting The Grammys twice and only be more loved? Only Kanye could pull some shit like that, and it’s not just because of his ego (no matter what the haters say.) Anyways, I love Beyoncé, but I don’t think Beck (who is pretty damn talented even if I don’t really listen to his shit) is exactly the guy to go after, but whatever I see his point and I don’t really care because Kanye can do whatever he wants.

Don’t hate

Also, what’s up with all this backlash of people calling Kanye an idiot and a crazy egotist? It’s not like he’s up there saying that HE should be winning the Grammys or anything, he’s defending Beyoncé, who only surprised the world with a chart-topping, fully visual album. Also, about 10 years ago he won an award that he thought should have gone to Big Boi so he said so and tried to give it back. And that’s not even the only time he’s done something like that. Before you start trynna slander Yeezus, know what you’re talking about.

Kanye and Taylor Swift

Photo: The Grammys

Anyways, the timing’s good for Kanye, who’s got some dope Adidas kicks about to drop and an album somewhat soon. He even showed that him and Taylor Swift got no hard feelings, in yet another show of Yeezy’s power over people. Again, even Beck didn’t have any problem with what Kanye did (and later said), showing that he’s a pretty cool guy too. Check out his comments here, along with video of Kanye getting on stage and Jay-Z’s mad funny reaction as Kanye hopped up there. You can also just scope Spit Talking’s twitter at the top right for all the funniest moments.

The non-Yeezus rest of the Grammys

Nas and Jay Z

Photo: The Grammys

Some other shit went down of course, but the Grammys didn’t televise any hip hop or rap awards, proving again that they really don’t give a shit about hip hop. A few artists had hands-up shoutouts to Ferguson/hoodie shoutouts to Trayvon Martin in their performances, including Beyoncé (who of course had a great performance) and Pharrell who said some wild shit about Mike Brown’s “bullyish behavior” a few months ago but seems to have had some sort of change of heart. Nas and Jay-Z were seen laughing together, so I don’t think we should expect another Ether anytime soon. Also, Kendrick Lamar won best rap song and best rap performance for i. Now, GKMC was robbed 2 years ago, but i is not a great track and shouldn’t have won best song. Just saying.

Iggy can’t even win Papa John’s attention

Hip Hop won as Iggy Azalea lost every grammy she was up for, but she was pretty active on twitter beefing with… Papa John’s. Apparently she ordered some pizza and the delivery guy gave her number out to multiple family members and she started getting texts. Papa John’s briefly responded with an apology including a song lyric she didn’t think was funny and her twitter beef continues as we speak with no response from Papa John’s. Let this be representative of Iggy’s future career as we leave these Grammys in the past.

What was your favorite part?

I gotta say Hovs’s reaction when he thought Kanye was doing it was damn classic. I also had to love that Iggy Azalea didn’t win best rap album (or anything else) despite my bleak predictions. Maybe hip hop’s gonna be alright.

Spit Talking

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