Greatest Rappers: All Time (Part 2)

Follow along as we try to make it easier to see who the greatest rappers: all time are by splitting it up into categories.

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Mic Trophy


Hardest Rapper: DMX



If I need to explain this to you, you’ve never heard a DMX track. Dude┬áprobably sleeps yelling. I’ve never heard any artist in any genre bring more energy to absolutely everything they do, and that’s why he goes harder than anyone else. I literally can’t imagine DMX using his inside voice, cause I don’t think he has one. If the world was ending tomorrow, and someone was throwing a party for the apocalypse, I would not stop playing DMX.

For proof, scope …And Then There Was X.

...And Then There Was X - DMX

Most Versatile Rapper: Big K.R.I.T.

Big K.R.I.T.


So first of all, let me explain what I mean by versatile. It’s not to say most musical (which I already gave to Mos Def in Part 1), but to say most versatile when it comes to rapping. This means that he can rap over any type of beat, with any type of flow, at any speed.

If you don’t believe me, listen to one of his verses and count how many bars he sticks with a single flow before switching it up. Odds are the longest he goes on the same flow is about 4 bars. This makes him sound not only like a musical accompaniment rather than just a vocalist, but like he could hit any beat he wanted to.

For proof, pick up Cadillactica (and read my review while you’re at it.)

Cadillactica - Big K.R.I.T.

Best Stoner Rapper: Domo Genesis

Domo Genesis


A lot of rappers talk about weed. Some of them pretty much make it a career, though. Unfortunately, most of these think that just rapping about weed makes them cool, and so they end up with trash rhymes over trash beats and a trash message. Domo Genesis is not one of these rappers.

When he started getting big with Odd Future a few years back, he was kind of just another one of those lazy day, sleepy stoner rappers, if not a bit funnier. Since then, though, he’s mad improved, and now I think he’s one of the best lesser-known rappers out there. This is while he’s “still Mr. Smoke a Lot of Pot” (line from Oldie), too, so it’s not like he totally switched up who he was, either.

For proof, pick up Under the Influence (for free on Datpiff!)

Under the Influence

This concludes Part 2 of the greatest rappers of all time.

I know some of y’all disagree, so come at me.

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