Greatest Rappers: All Time (Part 3)

Join us as we try to decide who the greatest rapper: all time, and make the question a little easier by splitting it up into categories.

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Most Political Rapper: Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique


Immortal Technique is definitely not the only rapper to be political. In fact, hip hop started as an extremely political genre. But what sets Immortal Technique apart is that his main goal is to be political, rather than touching on some political themes. This is evident in any of his songs.

Dude doesn’t give a shit about staying on the beat, or hitting the 4. Sure, he’d like to, but first and foremost is his message. Whether he’s rapping about vague social commentary (like street life, in Dance With the Devil), or something more explicitly political (like his takedown of the media in The 4th Branch), you can trust he’s gonna get his message out.

For proof, scope Revolutionary, Vol. 2.

Revolutionary, Vol. 2 - Immortal Technique

Most Natural Rapper: Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt


Yes, he’s young, but that only further proves my point. To be the most natural rapper, you gotta sound like you were just straight born to rap, like you’re not even stressing about it and it’s just how you communicate. Earl nails this. I always say that Earl Sweatshirt sounds like he’s sittin down when he spits.

His flow is mad lazy, while his lyrics are anything but. He clearly has a lot kicking around in his head, and if anything he lyrically comes off as anxious as troubled, but his delivery alone is silky smooth, and he always sounds like he just woke up or is about to fall asleep. This is a great juxtaposition against most of his subject matter.

For proof, scope Doris.

Doris - Earl Sweatshirt

Best Fast Rapper: Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes


Notice this is for best fast rapper, not for fastest rapper out there. If it was for fastest rapper, this might go to Twista, who is also a good rapper, but not as dope as Bussa Buss. Busta Rhymes never sounds like he’s just going for spped, but more like he just raps in the speed he thinks (extremely quickly.)

This means dude brings and incredible presence to any track he does or jumps on. You know he really feels what he’s saying, so you start mad feeling it too. Another dope thing about him is that he doesn’t feel the need to prove he’s real fast, so he doesn’t always go as quick as he can, because he understands the importance of pacing. This leads to a more dynamic sound, and ultimately, his quick shit goes harder when he does turn it up.

For proof, scope Genesis.

Genesis - Busta Rhymes

This concludes Part 3 of the greatest rappers of all time.

I know some of y’all disagree with this shit. If you do, hit me with it. And if you haven’t yet caught up with the earlier lists, you should.

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