Green and Yellow: Never Forget

In honor of the Super Bowl

let’s look back at one of the greatest musical moments in Super Bowl history. I’m not talking about the Super Bowl Shuffle, but it’s close. The best Super Bowl song of all time is actually a freestyle. I’m of course talking about Lil Wayne’s Green and Yellow.

Weezy and the Packers

Leading up to the 2010 Super Bowl between the Packers and the Steelers, a lot of folks were playing Black and Yellow. The track is Wiz Khalifa’s ode to Pittsburgh, and the color of all its sports teams. Mad Packer fans were trying to remix that shit to make a good Packers Super Bowl song, but only a few of them were decent. A few days before the game though, Wayne came through on the beat with a freestyle called Green and Yellow about how the Packers were gonna trash the Steelers.

Folks thought Weezy was just jumping on the Packers bandwagon, considering he’s from New Orleans. Fact of the matter is he’s a Packer fan though, and he even blogged about the Packers for ESPN like 10 years ago in that one bad year they had. So this wasn’t Wayne doing something trendy, but repping his team. And it makes sense that he’s a real fan once you listen, cause it’s fire.

Lil Wayne - Cheesehead


Memorable lines

  • “Money green, yellow broad, Aaron Rodgers, MVP award”


  • “They call him Big Ben, but he weak though. We in Dallas but we Lambeau Leap though”


  • “We knocked the Eagles and the Falcons and the Bears off, now we bout to cut Troy Polamalu hair off”

When you listen to it, it’s not even just a shit talking song (as Wayne prefaces by starting the track with “this ain’t a diss song but uh…”) It’s basically like one of those NFL films about how the Packers got to the Super Bowl with an incredible playoff run. If someone wanted to know how the Packers did it in 2010, they could just listen to this track, not to mention that Wayne correctly predicted the Packers win (“throw a touchdown over Ike Taylor.”)

I basically just wanted to remind y’all

I’m a Packer fan so this was my shit when it came out and I didn’t want anyone to forget who won it all just a few years ago. We didn’t quite make it this year and I’m still salty but I got big hopes for next year. Until then, I’ma be bumping Green and Yellow.

Scope it here.

Spit Talking

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