Gucci Mane X Diplo is Coming Soon

Guwop is still behind bars.

But if we know anything about Gucci, we know that he can still write, spit and drop bars from a cell. He’s been releasing a lot of shit recently (as usual), but his next shit is gonna be a collab with Diplo. Gucci tweeted that it was gonna be an EDM album, but Diplo responded that it would not be. Anyways, let’s see what it might be all about.

Release date?

So there isn’t an album title or artwork or a genre or really anything at all yet, but considering how much shit both of these dudes work on, we can probably expect it to come out soon. Guwop will keep us posted on twitter, because dude just puts everything out there on twitter, which is dope. And as usual, as soon as twitter finds out about it you can expect it to be here on Spit Talking (cause y’all know we don’t sleep.)

What might the sound be like?

Gucci Diplo album twitterWell, at first it seemed like it would be EDM before Diplo said that ain’t true, and I’m personally glad cause I wanna hear something real dope. Diplo (and a few other producers) worked with Snoop Dogg on Reincarnation, which was a change of scenery for both Snoop and Diplo, and it was actually pretty dope. If they can get an equally solid but unique sound of whatever genre they’re going for on the album, it’ll probably be dope. On the other hand, it might just be a bunch of different genres because they can both jump around, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for when it comes out.

Other news

In other hip hop news, it looks like Big Sean and Ariana Grande are breaking up. Dag, we didn’t even get one collab album out of that. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t wanna hear that shit either. Anyways, looks like the biggest (legal — sorry Tyga) age gulf between young folks in hip hop is over for now. Let’s hope we at least get a real dope Big Sean album out of this shit.

Looking forward to that guwop.

Again, stay tuned here at Spit Talking for news about this Guwop X Diplo album because I got my ear to the ground. On the other hand, if you hear anything through the grapevine make sure to let ya boy know. Thanks for reading!

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