Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 1)

There are few times more important to have good hip hop than when driving

No car is complete without a good CD collection. You need more variety for a long road trip than everyday driving, of course, but regardless you always need more than one to switch it up. If you wanna be at all ready to be able to DJ any time in the car, you probably need at least 5 albums. These are those 5 albums to make up the essential hip hop: cars edition.

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Illmatic – Nas

Nas - IllmaticEven though the signature sound in Illmatic is New York trains, you’re still gonna want this shit in your car. It’s lyric-heavy, but the beats are mad dope too, just simple and repetitive (in the best way.) This is one of the best albums for the car because I guarantee you’re not gonna need to skip any of the songs.

 2014 Forest Hills Drive – J Cole

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills DriveSpeaking of albums you can just play through… well just read my review. Anyways, this is the best for setting the tone in your ride, because J Cole is the only one on the album, so it’s pretty much a solo performance. The beats ramp up as the album goes on, but they’re mainly chill the whole time.

2014 Forest Hills Drive

 Liquid Swords – GZA

GZA - Liquid SwordsYou need at least some Wu-Tang in your car. If you want funny, go for 36 Chambers, but if you want a tighter concept and ambience, you need Liquid Swords. The skits make it seem like you’re listening to a movie or something, and it almost feels like an audiobook. You at least need Liquid Swords for longer car rides.

 My Name is My Name – Pusha T

Pusha T - My Name is My NameFor shorter car rides (because every song bumps on it’s own, and there’s not really a concept), My Name is My Name is a must. I also love having the album cover in my car, it just feels classy. From the slower 40 Acres to the mad hot Suicide, this is a welcome addition to any car ride. Pick this one up no matter who you are.


Ready to Die – Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie - Ready to DieDespite the tone the title implies, this album is mostly a celebration album. It’s a long 17 songs, which makes it perfect for extended road trips or for running errands, because it’s partially a concept album and also has mad variety. By the end track with Diddy it might get you kind of down, but it’ll definitely make you think.

Ready To Die the Remaster - The Notorious B.I.G.

There’s a lot of dope car hip hop out there

But these are my personal recommendations for starting out the collection. What do you got in your setlist? Let me know, because I’m always looking for new ones.

Also, scope Part 2 here.

Scope Part 3 here.

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2 comments on “Hip Hop: Cars Edition (Part 1)

  1. The Chef January 18, 2015 1:57 pm

    the Purple Tape!

    • Joaquin January 18, 2015 4:15 pm

      Please forgive me, Raekwon.

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