Hip Hop Charts: Wale Killing It

It ain’t all about the money.

But money definitely does have something to do with what goes on in music. I mean, it’s the music business, so right there you know money’s involved. As we know, artists who sell keep getting contracts and keep getting to make albums, while artists who flop unfortunately usually don’t get to keep making shit, at least not with the control they could before. Whether or not it’s fair, sales usually define this more than the quality of the project. Anyways, let’s look at who’s making some nice money off their music by looking at the iTunes hip hop charts.

Top 5

The top 5 albums on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts are:

  1. Wale – The Album About Nothing
  2. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly
  3. Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
  4. Ludacris – Ludaversal
  5. J. Cole – 2014 Forest Hills Drive


Wale - The Album About NothingFirst of all, congratulations to Wale for knocking King Kendrick off his throne with The Album About Nothing. I don’t think it was perfect, but it was a real interesting album with the way Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld clips were used to tie everything together. Anyways, it looks like the critics agreed that this was Wale’s best shit yet, and I guess the fans agree. I wonder how long it’ll stay up there, though.

Ludaversal is also starting strong, dropping a week ago like Wale did. Then Drake and Cole show that you don’t need to have come out recently to kill it on the charts, and it’s especially impressive for Cole cause it’s been like 4 months since 2014 Forest Hills Drive dropped. It still bumps though, and the charts are pretty much showing that.

2 weeks ago

Action Bronson - Mr. WonderfulThe 2 big albums that dropped last week (Wale’s and Luda’s) are killing it, but how about the big ones from 2 weeks ago, Mr. Wonderful and I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside? They’re not holding it down quite as well, as you can see in their absence from the top 5. Action Bronson’s holding down number 10 and Earl Sweatshirt’s right behind him at 11. I think those should be switched, but whatever that’s just me. Point is, even if they’re not blowing up or anything, recent releases are still doing alright on the charts.

Congrats to Wale again.

The Album About Nothing is damn interesting, and it might shape some of the future of hip hop with the way it uses Seinfeld. To Pimp A Butterfly wasn’t at number 1 for too long, but I don’t think it’ll slip out of the top 5 or so for a long while. Anyways, thanks for reading and let me know which of these albums you’ve been bumping the most.

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