Hip Hop Gift Ideas: Hook a Friend Up

Holidays are coming up…

and if you’re like me, you’re probably looking for some gifts for hip hop heads in your life. I got the best hip hop gift ideas for you though, don’t worry. It’s always tough finding the perfect thing, but luckily I still got a few more ideas at the bottom of this article.

The dopest posters

Biggie Poster2Pac poster






Posters are a perfect gift because you don’t have to sacrifice a ton of money, and the person who you’re giving it to will see it every day! The difference between an empty room and a room with posters is like the difference between an instrumental and a full rap track. 123Posters is the spot for dope hip hop posters.

Scope some dope cheap posters!

I mean, look at this Wu-Tang poster. For less than 10 bucks (before your 10% off!) you can make someone’s room a whole lot doper. Or shit, get it for yourself and never be without the Wu.

Wu-Tang Poster

Speaking of the Wu, folks always need hoodies

Wu-Tang logo tee

The classic.

Wu-Tang full group hoodie

Rock every member of the Wu.








Come on, it’s cold and I know you know someone who needs a hoodie. But why give them a boring solid color hoodie when they can rock the Wu while they’re at it?

You can go with the classic wu-tang logo on a hoodie, which is basically the VW bus of rap fans — it’s an identifier. Everyone loves the Wu (unless there’s legitimately something wrong with you), so you can’t go wrong with the slick black on yellow hoodie.

Wu-Tang Clan Logo Hoodie

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for a big Wu-Tang fan though. If that’s true, then they probably already have the dope classic and wouldn’t be caught dead without it. But they gotta wash it eventually right? When laundry day rolls around, they’ll be glad you were thinking of them these holidays.

You got all of the Wu kicking it in front of the logo on that one, and you can keep it simple with grey or choose from a few other colors. This is personally the dopest hoodie I’ve ever seen in my life, and even the biggest fan of the Wu probably doesn’t have this. Hook them up.

Bang Tidy Clothing Men's Wu-Tang Clan Rza Gza Method Man Raekwon Ghostface Killah Hoodie Grey

Shoutout to the cheapskates

If you only want someone to think you care about them these holidays (or if you really do care but the bills are piling up), I got you. Here’s what you do: scope some of my favorite totally free mixtapes, pick one you think your friend will like, and then go find a blank CD. Burn that mixtape onto the CD, whip up a case and print out the album cover and voila! You have a free album for your friend. Do this with as many friends as you like! If you’re feeling ultra generous, do this with 3-5 mixtapes and give your friend an incredible new music collection!

Any great gift ideas I forgot about? Let me know in the comments! And if you want more dop hip hop gift ideas:


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Scope some dope hip hop books.

Scope dope rap gifts.

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