Hip Hop Hoodies and Hip Hop Tees

Wanna stay fresh?

Get yourself some dope hip hop hoodies and stay warm. Get some tight hip hop tees and stay cool. Whatever you want, just make sure to keep it subtle. You’ll look good.



Biggie Smalls Hoodie

You can never go wrong with Biggie. This is a subtle hoodie that just looks like a cool design from far away. When you get closer though, you can see it’s a mad dope picture of Biggie. Show the world that not only do you live for the funk, you die for the funk.

Bang Tidy Clothing Biggie Smalls Hoodie

 Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory HoodieThis shit’s classic. The parental advisory sticker ruins album covers, but makes for a pretty dope hoodie. White hoodies always look mad clean (as long as you don’t get them dirty), and the minimal design keeps it crisp. Pick one up along with your Biggie hoodie for the contrast.

Parental Advisory Explicit Hoodie

 Got Hip Hop?

Got Hip Hop? HoodieIf you’re sick of seeing all those got milk logos around (no disrespect though), you might like this hoodie. It’s nice and general, so you could wear it wherever, but it also tells anyone that you dig the best genre out there. This could not be a slicker look.

GOT HIP HOP? - Mens Pullover Hoodie


Cassette Shirt

Tape TeeIf you’re looking for something slick to wear as a tee shirt, go for this. The design is subtle and fades into the shirt perfectly. It also works for multiple genres of music, but ultimately it mostly shows that one is listening to/a fan of hip hop, particularly the older stuff.

Mix Tape Shirt

Support Underground Hip Hop

Support Underground Hip Hop TeeIf you wanna be more obvious about your taste but still want that old school feel, this is what you want. Rock the boom box across your chest while shouting out underground hip hop if you want people to start listening to the good shit. Like everything on this list, this is a classic design.

Support Underground Hip Hop Shirt


Kanye Baseball TeeFinally, any list like this would be mad incomplete without a Kanye shirt. And this isn’t just any Kanye shirt, it’s a baseball tee with a ridiculous picture of Yeezus. If you’re gonna rock clothes with Kanye on them, you gotta just run with that shit, you can’t be subtle.

Kanye West T-White Baseball Tee

Bottom line, all of this shit is gonna look good.

Regardless of what you end up getting, you’re gonna look slick. You can get yourself a black shirt with a subtle design for the folks who pay attention. You can also get yourself a white shirt that pops a little more (like anything with Kanye on it does.) Whatever you decide on, you’re making a good choice.

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