Hip Hop/ Rap Posters

If you’re looking for the best hip hop/ rap posters, I got you.

Head to 123PostersĀ for the dopest posters to decorate your spot.

Rap Posters at 123Posters

Drake poster

I don’t have to tell you that posters are mad dope

You just put them up wherever you want and then you don’t have to worry about them. You see them every day and can shows guests what you’re all about without having to tell them. Posters are also mad cheap considering how much use you get out of them. Throw a few up in your room, some in the living room, or give them out as gifts. I mean anyone at all can get use out of a poster, as long as they got some wall or door space.

Aaliyah poster

Whatever you want, 123Posters has got

And not only do they have a dope selection, but they’re all on the cheap. Fuck spending like $30 on a poster, here you can get pretty much anything for less than $10. It’s actually more like less than $8 and you can get any of your favorite artists. From 2Pac to Biggie, to Aaliyah to Outkast, from D12 to Obie Trice, you can entirely decorate your room with 123Posters without spending too much money on the project.

Outkast Poster

If you want your dope new posters to last for a long time, you can get them laminated or framed

It’s pretty annoying when you go to move or something (or even just to move a poster) and it has tape all over it or is starting to fall apart, so why not get your posters laminated? It’s only $6, which is crazy to me because I don’t even know where you would get your shit laminated even if you wanted to. And then once you found that place, I really don’t think it would only be $6. But for only $6 more you can get your poster shipped to you already laminated, which leaves the ultimate price of the poster STILL under $15.

Wu-Tang Posters

And if lamination isn’t enough for you, you can get them framed! And they don’t just send you a frame with the poster, they send it to you already in the frame. There’s a few different framing options depending on how nice the frame is (and what it’s made of), so the pricing differs. You can also get them mounted (so they have hard back), or glazed with pebble-tec, which just means that they won’t be reflective and will look more professional.

So no matter your price range, head to 123Posters

If you want a cheap one for your bedroom, 123Posters has it. If you want one that looks mad professional and will last a long time laminated or framed or mounted for your office, 123Posters has it. Head over to the spot for dope hip hop posters and spend a little money to make yourself happy for a long time.

Hip Hop Posters at 123Posters

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