Hip Hop & Twitter: A Love Story

If you love hip hop, you gotta be on twitter.

Twitter is one of the best things to happen to the internet, and especially one of the best things to happen to (both dope and struggle) rappers. If you don’t have a twitter yet, go get one so you can know what’s going on, even if you never wanna tweet. Once you have one, let me tell you who to follow (and who to avoid.) Most obvious, lemme just get them out of the way, are Desus (@desusnice) and Mero (@THEKIDMERO), and just scope here if you don’t know why that’s obvious.

Desus Twitter AviMero Twitter Avi





Rappers you should follow:

Follow these dudes because they’re actually entertaining and real on twitter. They don’t necessary constantly tweet out jokes or anything, but they don’t only use twitter for self-promotion either (which is the most annoying thing someone can do on twitter.) They also clearly run their own accounts so you can actually tweet at them and maybe get a response (and Lil B will probably follow you back anyways.) These dudes are well known but they still tweet funny shit, and it’s sad when once-great tweeters go boring (probably working on their music like nerds or something) so shouts to Chance the Rapper and Tyler the Creator for that (no disrespect though.) Also honorable mention goes to Chuck D (@MrChuckD) for his informative and unique presence on twitter, repping the old heads.

Hip Hop artists (non-rappers) you should follow:

Questlove Twitter AviEven though they aren’t rappers, you gotta be following this drummer, producer and group on twitter, respectively. If you want instant reactions to hip hop news from people who know rappers and producers, follow these dudes (kind of for the same reason as following the rappers.) Wu-Tang is also constantly posting mad dope pictures, and you don’t wanna miss any of those. Also, Questlove’s avi implies Obama endorses him, and Obama knows twitter.

Rap news sources you should follow:

Hey, I had to throw Spit Talking a little shine right? Anyways, if you’re not looking for rapper’s or artist’s thoughts but actually looking for hip hop news and rap analysis, follow these twitters. If you do that (and if you join Spit Talking’s newsletter) you’ll never miss a development in the hip hop world. If you’re not trynna jack up your follower count though (respect the ratio), you could really just follow Spit Talking cause we only post and retweet the best of the best. Just saying.

Other rap twitters you should follow:

Ed Piskor Twitter AviEd Piskor is the mad dope man behind Hip Hop Family Tree. Hip Hop Golden Age is just a cool feed that tweets out dope pictures of rappers (also shouts to Rare Hip Hop Pics – @RareHipHopPic for their constant stream of old and rare pictures), but they also got dope hoodies and stuff (including one I’ve bought.) Trash Lyrics is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s one of the funniest twitters out there.

These are the best hip hop twitters out there.

Which one’s your favorite of these? Am I missing any gems out there? I’m always looking for ways to make my twitter feed any better, so hit me with whatever you got. Also, for rap twitters NOT to follow, avoid Iggy Azalea (AKA Igloo Australia) and Macklemore because they’re straight trash, no explanation necessary.

Spit Talking

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