In Defense of Kanye

People love talking shit about Kanye. This piece is in defense of Kanye West.

I’ve heard way too much Kanye slander to not do anything about it.

Everyone loves Kanye.


First of all, Kanye is one of the most awarded artists of all time

Dude has 21 Grammys. 21! By far the most of anyone his age, most people who have more than him are conductors or composers (or Stevie Wonder.) Jay-Z has 19, but he’s also 8 years older than Kanye. Sure, the Grammys are kind of bullshit (shoutout to Macklemore), and they definitely don’t respect hip hop or black culture in general, but honestly that just makes it more impressive that even they recognize Kanye’s greatness.

Kanye in the kitchen.


He could have stayed a producer, but he kept striving for greatness

Kanye was first successful as a producer, laying it down for Jay-Z (in The Blueprint), Ludacris, Cam’ron, Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys. He’d always written and wanted to rap, but early on he was only successful as a producer, with his signature style of sampling old soul vocals. He could have just stayed doing this and making money, but Kanye wanted more. Record label executives loved his production but didn’t want to hear any of his rap. Kanye didn’t care, and kept dreaming and eventually released The College Dropout. The rest is history, some yet to be written.

Once he became a successful rapper, he kept switching up his style

Dude could have just kept releasing the same album over and over (with success), but Kanye don’t roll like that. College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation weren’t all super similar, but he just became a totally new artist with 808s and Heartbreak, absolutely blowing up autotune. Then he kind of came back to his roots with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, going back to rap but ramping up the production too. Then Yeezus came, and was all about the production, kind of bringing it all back, full circle. Kanye makes music for himself, and he doesn’t care what will be popular. Kanye is a tastemaker, and he sets trends rather than following him, and this has made him bigger than he ever could have been if he never tried to grow.

Kanye Graduation

Kanye always keeps it real

People always say they wish the old Kanye would come back, that he would rap about what he used to rap about. But that wouldn’t be keeping it real, because that just isn’t where Kanye is in his life anymore. How could he go back to rapping about being self-conscious and such now that he’s one of the best-selling artists of all time and married to Kim Kardashian? That wouldn’t be keeping it real, that would be fronting. So instead Kanye raps about his success, clothing lines and bigger societal issues rather than personal ones. That’s the life Kanye has now, so him rapping about that shit is keeping it real.

All in all, Kanye is the king and he can call himself a genius, a god or whatever he wants. He’s earned it. If you disagree, come at me in the comments!

If you wanna see some inspirational quotes from Kanye, scope.

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