Kanye West: Inspirational Quotes

Kanye’s been around for a while. In that time he’s said a few notable things.

Over the last 10+ years, Kanye has achieved a level of popularity, recognition, and notoriety matched by few people in any field. The whole time, however, he has always said the right thing. This is a small humble collection of Kanye West inspirational quotes.

Kanye West

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“I don’t know what’s better, gettin’ laid or gettin’ paid, I just know when I’m gettin’ one, the other’s gettin’ away”

This gem is from Dilated People’s This Way. Kanye isn’t even necessarily trying to lay down one of the Commandments here, but greatness gets ahead of itself. The Gospel of Kanye would start with this line. This is the most self-aware line anyone’s ever spat, and it’s not a big surprise from the man who spat this next line.

“We all self conscious, I’m just the first to admit it”

From All Falls Down. This is early Kanye, the Kanye a lot of people wish would come back. Personally, I think it wouldn’t make sense for him to come back, because he’s not in that place in his life anymore, but whatever. This kind of simple honesty is refreshing in today’s society of doublespeak and hidden intentions.

Kanye West Mike Myers

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“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”

This was after the (lack of) response to Hurricane Katrina, and Kanye has been ridiculed for this since. Again, he should be applauded for speaking his mind in this world of hot takes and misquotes. A lot of people have given him hell for this, but he was mad right.

“I’m real happy for you and I’ma let you finish but”

I don’t even need to finish this quote. In cutting off Taylor Swift, Kanye showed how to be polite in a situation you’re not happy about. He also introduced this wave of the conversation about white people stealing all the shine from black people. We wouldn’t have J. Cole calling out Macklemore and Igloo Australia (shoutout Azealia Banks) for their bullshit if we didn’t have Kanye sticking up for Beyonce over Taylor Swift. I mean yeah it’s totally different genres, and Taylor Swift isn’t exactly appropriating black music, but you know what I’m saying.

This was fun. Be on the lookout for a future post – In Defense of Kanye. If I missed any good ones — let me know.

In Defense of Kanye.

Kanye is a misunderstood genius. He has a billion grammy awards more than anyone else his age, and yeah he’s mad cocky but he’s backed most of that up. Don’t hate.

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