Kanye’s Newest Track: All Day

CDQ of All Day is here.

After a video of it premiered last week, folks have been looking forward to the high quality track popping up. Well ya boy hit that buy button on iTunes quick so I could let the good readers of Spit Talking know what it’s like. The track is off Kanye’s next album (presumably along with Wolves, Only One and maybe FourFiveSeconds), which we now know will be called So Help Me God. Let’s see what All Day’s all about now that we got it with some dope quality. Scope it here.

Real quick, I say maybe fourfiveseconds because some publications are saying that’ll be on So Help Me God, but I’m not so sure. First of all, on iTunes Rihanna is listed first, instead of as a feature which you would expect if it was a Kanye single. Then, Only One and now All Day were both released by Def Jam, while fourfiveseconds was released by Roc Nation. I think that we’ve only heard 3 tracks off of So Help Me God: Wolves, Only One and now All Day. But fourfiveseconds does have Paul McCartney on it, so who knows.

Kanye West - So Help Me God

Feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom and Paul McCartney

The 3 features on this track confirm that Kanye’s going back to the features for So Help Me God after abandoning them on Yeezus. Paul McCartney’s contribution is some dope and very Otis Redding-like whistling near the end. It sounds most like you’d expect from a Kanye track of all of them, mainly cause it’s actuallly rap. The beat has got that Yeezus snarl and crunch, but it has more of a hip hop sound than all of Yeezus did, so Kanye’s not totally forgetting his last project on the way to his next. Anyone who wants Ye’s next album to not be all ballads but have some return to rap will be happy with All Day.

Kanye comes out hungry (even though he’s got it all now), and you probably already heard the best line on the track, “you a fake Denzel like the Allstate nigga, if you’re running to me, better have Allstate with ya!” A less tweeted but no less dope line is “niggas looking at me like I’m worth both MJs.” That gives you an idea of this track, which is a hard celebration of Kanye’s success where he doesn’t so much claim he’s the king of hip hop as he does dare anyone to challenge him. Shit bumps, and is easily the most banging track on So Help Me God (so far.) It also has two major switch-ups at the end, showing that Kanye isn’t content with one dope sound per song. By the end, the track dies in a digital seizure.

Stay hyped for So Help Me God

So how is this gonna fit in the album with Only One? Well, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was probably Kanye’s most bipolar album, which the title kind of hints at. It’s also considered by many to be his best, so maybe that says something about So Help Me God. Namely, get hyped. It’s gonna drop as a surprise, but Kanye did say he’s about 80% done with it.

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