Kanye’s Next Album – So Help Me God

Kanye’s next album’s got a name.

So, in the evening of February 28, 2015, Kanye tweeted “New Album title…”, before shortly following it up with a title and an album cover. Kanye West’s next album will be called So Help Me God, and it’s an interesting name for the album that will follow Yeezus. It’s gonna be Kanye, so we already know it’s gonna be fire, whether it leans towards Only One or All Day or some combination of the two.

Kanye West - So Help Me God


So Kanye dropped the crazy news pretty casually on Twitter, and it was pure luck to find out about it. Even before he could tweet the actual album title, almost 10,000 people had retweeted the “New Album title…” tweet. When he actually revealed the album name and the artwork, it got about 10,000 retweets in a minute too.

Kanye’s going with unconventional methods for this album, considering the surprise release, but it’s an interesting move to reveal this on Twitter. First of all, it’s a hell of a way to get it to spread without paying any marketing fees at all, and it makes folks feel like they gotta follow Kanye to be up to date. Twitter’s been the world’s newspaper for a while now, so it’s fitting the latest Yeezy news drops there too. Especially considering Kanye isn’t a mad heavy tweeter or anything, this was probably a calculated move.

The music

From the tracks we’ve already heard, we know this is gonna be a cross between the minimalistic production method of Yeezus and the emotional ballads of 808s and Heartbreak. Only One is a mad emotional song that Kanye kills even through the autotune, and Wolves sounds like it’ll be a great album kickoff, making good use of Sia and the mad dope Vic Mensa. Speaking of which, it looks like he’s gonna go for features on this one again, unlike Yeezus. I think this’ll be good, cause now that Kanye’s a parent I think he’s just trynna share his shine as much as he can.

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