Kendrick Lamar and i

We gotta talk about i.

i was the first new track Kendrick Lamar brought the world after good kid, m.A.A.d. city, and it got a… let’s just say mixed reception. Anyways, since Kendrick announced his next album, some folks have noticed that i is not on the track listing, and only The Blacker The Berry (in all honesty, a much better track) is. This has caused them to question if Kendrick pulled the track from the album after some of the negative reaction to i from fans. Let’s discuss this shit.

i love myself

Kendrick Lamar - ii is a catchy, upbeat track where Kendrick pretty much declares that amongst everything else happening in the world, he loves himself. It doesn’t really sound like any other Kendrick track, from the beat (guitar and all) to the rap, lyrics and delivery. I mean it’s not a bad track, and self-confidence is a dope message to broadcast out there, especially when you have as much influence as Kendrick does. And it’s not like he doesn’t have social commentary in it, either, but overall it just sounds like a neutered Kendrick without the edge that made him so big. When people would ask me what I thought about the track, I’d simply say that I like it but I don’t love it, and I stick by that.

The next album

Anyways, some folks have noticed that i isn’t on the tracklist for the Kendrick’s next album which you can now preorder on iTunes. Folks have concluded that either i isn’t on the album, or it is but it’s just being hidden. Considering that you can buy i on iTunes, I think that means that he’s not hiding it but that i just won’t be on the album. Another thing is that the length of i on iTunes is 3:51, but there is no track of that length on the album according to iTunes (but one is close at 3:54.)

Kendrick Lamar - Section 80Some folks have assumed that this means that Kendrick decided to take the track off the album because of the lukewarm reception to it from fans. I don’t think this is true. First of all, I just can’t see Kendrick caring that much about what other people think. Another thing is he’s been making music for like 10 years from K Dot to Kendrick Lamar, and it’s all gritty and darker so I doubt he would just all of a sudden switch to shit like i.

i was a celebration

The way I see it, i was a bit of a celebration for Kendrick after all of gkmc’s success. He was saying he loved himself now that he’d made it and everyone loved him, but that doesn’t mean all his music was gonna start being like that. And seriously, you think he was gonna make an album with i’s sound, then decided not to and instead came out with The Blacker The Berry all in a few months? No, I think this was his plan all along and i was just a track to give his fans some music and celebrate the point he’d gotten to.

What you think?

You think he originally planned for i to be on his album but then decided against it after how it was received? I seriously doubt it. Anyways, it’s less than 2 weeks until Kendrick’s next album and I just can’t wait for that shit to drop.

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