Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta Video

The first To Pimp A Butterfly video’s here.

Or at least the first one to come out after the album. The world’s still digesting Kendrick’s latest album, cause To Pimp A Butterfly has got a lot going on. King Kunta dropped a bit before the album, and it’s still one of my favorites from the album. It’s mad funky and I predicted (based on the bassline) that the video would be Kendrick strutting down the street. I was wrong, but I was pretty close. Scope the video and read on to see what I gotta say about it.

Watch Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta Video

The track

King Kunta is one of the best tracks on one of the dopest hip hop albums in the last few years. Kendrick’s got a bone to pick with the monkey-mouthed muthafuckas sitting on his throne, and he ain’t trynna see it again. He’s King Kunta, and he shouts out the yams and shits on rappers with ghostwriters, asking what the fuck happened and saying most rappers are sharing bars like they’re in a 2-man cell. Kendrick’s talking mad shit here, and he knows he’s the shit.

The video

Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta VideoThe video confirms that he’s the shit, even if it’s not exactly just him strutting down the street. This video’s all about Compton, and it starts with that from the beginning. This shit is a celebration of Compton and everyone in it, and Kendrick’s bringing back those videos where a rapper just acts a fool with a bunch of folks out in the streets with a little juking in the background. You know, the dopest types of videos. This isn’t as good a video as G.O.M.D., but it’s not as serious either so it’s not trynna be.

It’s got some nice touches though, from Kendrick squatting on a throne to all the Compton love. The video’s got the whole track but it doesn’t have the “I remember you was conflicted. Misusing your influence” at the very end. It does have Kendrick just staring into the camera though, so if you expect those lines, their absence almost makes you think about them even more than if they were there. Kendrick’s fucking with us, but he’s happy, and this video shows that.

You dig it?

I love this track and the video’s pretty solid too. It’s not incredible or anything but it’s fun and it fits the track, which is pretty damn important for a music video. I wonder if Kendrick’s gonna drop any more videos for tracks from To Pimp A Butterfly, cause King Kunta’s the only one I can really imagine making sense with a video (besides i which came out a while ago.) Maybe The Blacker The Berry… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Watch Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta Video

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