Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

To Pimp A Butterfly

Looks like Kendrick’s next album not only has artwork, but it has a name now too. To Pimp A Butterfly will be the name of Kendrick’s album, and Kendrick revealed it as part of a larger Instagram caption to his album cover. If you’ve read/seen To Kill A Mockingbird, you get the reference:

“Don’t all dogs go to heaven? Don’t Gangsta’s boogie? Do owl shit stank? Lions, Tigers & Bears. But TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY. It’s the American dream nigga….” – lil Homie.

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

So now that we know I was totally wrong about whether the album would have artwork and a name, let’s talk about To Pimp A Butterfly.


So, much like the name and artwork, it looks like I was wrong about i too. According to Rolling Stone, i will be on the album after all and it’ll be paired with a track called u, so I guess that makes sense. i’s track time still doesn’t match any of the track times (for the still-unnamed tracks on the album) on iTunes, but maybe a few seconds will be added at the end or something to make it flow better with the album.

I still don’t think i is Kendrick’s best track, but it is a dope track so I’m fine with it being on the album if it is after all. If both i and The Blacker The Berry are on the album, that just means it’ll be a mad diverse album with a few different sounds and feels. Considering it’s got a solid 16 tracks on it, there will be a lot of time for Kendrick to explore some different musical styles and messages, and I can’t wait to see what he’s put together.

Kendrick Lamar


The rest

The Blacker The Berry still gives us the best insight into the album, I think. The cover (a bunch of black boys and men mean mugging, holding money and bottles standing over a dead judge in front of the White House) is nothing short of radical, and I think this album will be unapologetically black. In fact, that’s exactly what Pharrell said about King Kunta, which is one of the tracks that’s gonna be on To Pimp A Butterfly.

Also, remember the untitled performance from The Colbert Report? I assume that won’t be on the album, but it might tell us something about the general direction Kendrick is going. That performance was racially charged in the vein of The Blacker The Berry, and I think that’s the vibe we can expect to come from To Pimp A Butterfly. Not just that Kendrick will talk about race and recent racial events in it, but also that he’ll bring his own unique perspective as a black man from Compton who calls himself a hypocrite.

Kendrick Lamar


UPDATE: Tracklist

Well folks, looks like we’ve got a tracklist #NoFeatures.

  1. Wesley’s Theory
  2. For Free? (Interlude)
  3. King Kunta 4
  4. Institutionalized
  5. These Walls
  6. u
  7. Alright
  8. For Sale? (Interlude)
  9. Momma
  10. Hood Politics
  11. How Much A Dollar Cost
  12. Complexion
  13. The Blacker The Berry
  14. You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said)
  15. i
  16. Mortal Man

I’m mad hyped just from that tracklist. It sounds like he’s gonna go at a lot of cultural issues (Institutionalized, Hood Politics) harder than he ever has. And if it’s really no features, we can expect Kendrick to go damn hard. This also confirms that i will be on the album, so I guess it’s just a matter of waiting until we hear u to see where he’s going with this.

Time to wait

Well, now that you got a name and artwork what are you waiting for? Gon and preorder this shit, especially considering it’ll be 16 tracks for $15, that shit’s old iTunes pricing right there and you really can’t pass it up. If you somehow decide you don’t want the album before it drops you can cancel your preorder, so there’s no commitment. But if you want The Blacker The Berry right now and to wake up on March 23rd with a shiny new Kendrick album downloaded to your phone, go ahead and preorder To Pimp A Butterfly on iTunes.

To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

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