Kendrick’s King Kunta Has Come.

King Kunta is here.

This is the 3rd song that we’ve heard from Kendrick that we know is gonna be on To Pimp A Butterfly. This is the one Pharrell was talking about a few months ago, so expectations are high. With the release of the album approaching in less than 10 days now, let’s see if King Kunta holds it down. My opinion is that it definitely does hold it down. Listen to it here.

The sound

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A ButterflyThe track starts with a simple beat that only has a few funky elements. Kendrick’s flow at the very beginning is pretty much the exact same flow as he uses in i near the end where the track switches it up, and it’s definitely high energy. King Kunta is supposed to be Kendrick as Kunta Kinte in a Blaxploitation movie, and Kendrick is mad, starting the track with “I got a bone to pick!” Kendrick’s mad but not stressed — talking about how folks are trynna cut his legs off cause he’s running the game and got the whole world talking. Kendrick doesn’t miss a beat while he sounds like he’s strutting down the street (which will probably be the track’s video, if it has one.)

The yams

When the rest of the beat leaks in, it stays slow and funky but hits another level, and it sounds like Kendrick’s been rapping for that beat the whole time. This shit really sounds like Kendrick was trynna make a hip hop track like Parliament Funkadelic would have made, and it sounds like it came out sometime in the ’80s, definitely not 2015. Anyways, Kendrick talks a lot about the yams. You might ask, “what’s the yams?” But it’s ok because so does the hook. Kendrick answers the yams are the powers that be… what brought it out of Richard Pryor and manipulated Bill Clinton with desires.

Kendrick Lamar


The beat then drops out and barely backs up Kendrick with anything before it comes in and he shouts out Smooth Criminal. Then with a gunshot, you’re promised that the funk will soon be within you, and by the end it definitely is with Kendrick ducking out for a guitar solo and pure funk. Then, in one last reference to the yams, Kendrick ends the track with “I remember you was conflicted. Misusing your influence.” Shit’s deep, whether he’s talking to himself or celebrities in general. Once the track’s over you’re gonna start it again right away, trust me. That beat gets in your head.

What you think?

I think this is the best track so far that we know is gonna be on To Pimp A Butterfly, and I love The Blacker The Berry but I gotta go with King Kunta. It’s not only the dopest track that’ll be on Kendrick’s album, this is one of the dopest/funkiest rap tracks I’ve heard in a while. This track also tells us that Kendrick’s album is for sure gonna be unapologetically black, but that it’ll also be about fame and some other things, not just blackness. This track really makes me wish the rest of the album would just drop already, but I got it preordered so I’ma have it the second it comes. If you wanna preorder for yourself or check out the tracklist/other thoughts I have on To Pimp A Butterfly, scope.

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