Kendrick’s Untitled Track Staying Unreleased

Remember Kendrick Lamar’s untitled track?

You know, the one he did on the Colbert Report. It was an untitled track that came out after i, but before The Blacker The Berry so it gave us the first idea of the other type of track on Kendrick’s album. The only problem is the untitled track wasn’t actually on To Pimp A Butterfly, and folks were wondering where it was and if it was actually gonna come out.

Well, it ain’t coming out.

Kendrick Lamar Colbert Report InterviewLooks like that track ain’t coming out, not as a bonus track, not as a single, nothing. It was specifically written for that Colbert Report performance to send off the show with a dope track. It was supposed to be a “moment”, and it definitely was considering all the anger about what had been (and continues to) happen to black men all over the country. First of all, that’s dope cause it shows how much music Kendrick must have in various places that we’ll never heard, and it also shows Kendrick playing a role in the world that’s pretty much separate from his body of work.

Hidden treasures

If Kendrick is just willing to do this for the Colbert Report without releasing it to make money or anything (or even just to add to his discography), think of how much music he has that will never be released? Flying Lotus already said that he heard a bunch of Kendrick tracks that were cut from To Pimp A Butterfly, so we know that Kendrick has at least some music that we haven’t heard and probably never will. I guess when you work as hard as he does, and when you wanna run the game, you’re not just gonna release some bullshit. Anyways, even though Kendrick doesn’t think they were worth releasing, I’m sure we would all love to hear even some of those unreleased gems.

Staying relevant

Kendrick Lamar Colbert Report PerformanceRemember what I just recently said about staying relevant in hip hop? Well, Kendrick added an option to my list: dropping new tracks for single events that you don’t even end up using on albums or anything. Without having to remaster anything or transition into other tracks, this method allows rappers to be really timely (without having to wait weeks for labels to release your shit.) It’s frustrating because we can’t buy the dope tracks, but it makes a lot of sense for the game.

Sad or nah?

You think the untitled track from the Colbert Report could have been on To Pimp A Butterfly anyways? I don’t think the album lost anything without the track, but it is a damn shame that we can’t buy and download the track. Anyways, I can’t wait for Kendrick to start releasing new shit again, even if it takes years because that’s how long I’ll need to digest the album.

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