King Los – War Single is Straight Fire

Y’all know I think King Los is the shit.

If you saw my post about him, you know that I think he can freestyle¬†pretty much better than anyone else doing it right now. Well, a few days back he dropped a single, War (featuring Marsha Ambrosius), and you can pick it up on iTunes right now. If you like dope rap that speaks to some real shit while bringing some lyrical fire, you’re gonna want to cop this shit. Let me tell you why.

War (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) - Single - King Los

Chill start

King Los - WarThe track starts with some real nice-sounding piano and Los saying it’s a war going on. He slowly builds up into a nice flow packed with dope rhymes, as we’ve come to expect from King Los. Don’t get it twisted though, cause King Los clarifies “not the war with the bombs and the helicopters swarming, but the war for your soul, that’s what everyone’s ignoring.” 30 seconds in and it’s clear that Los ain’t playing around and he’s here to spit some real shit. Then the piano drops out and he starts spitting it a capella before the piano slowly comes back in for the best line of the track, “fuck the law… fuck a school, and the teacher too, they no teach the truth.”

This is a track packed with wordplay, social commentary, and just dope rhymes and flow in general. Everyone knows Los is the king of freestyling, but written rap is another thing. Dude has transitioned incredibly, and he’s not just showing off his speed but also flexing his intelligence. It’s a real track that doesn’t sugarcoat shit, but it’s also damn positive. This shit is basically an anthem, and Los is ready to be a preacher for the hood, cause he says bringing God in brings the good out.

Dope and nuanced

King Los


By the end, he’s spat a few different speeds, including going so hard that you gotta rewind a few times to really hear what he’s saying. The track ends with Marsha Ambrosius singing “let’s make love not war.” It’s clear that Los isn’t just making a documentary track about the hood, but he’s also trynna spit some positive shit to combat the negative and preaching without sounding preachy, which is definitely a skill. I can’t wait to hear King Los’s next album, and I promise that you’ll agree after hearing this track once (or a few more times than once.)

Support the king.

Los has been waiting in the wings for a while, and hip hop heads have been waiting for him to really put it together for a complete sound. War is the best shit I’ve heard from Los, and his next album is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases we got to look forward to. Until we get a release date, I’m gonna stay bumping this shit on replay.

War (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) - Single - King Los

Spit Talking

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