#KnowledgeDarts: Desus vs Mero

If you ain’t watching Desus vs Mero, you should be.

The best show on TV ain’t even on TV. It’s on Complex. Scope because you gotta hear both sides.

Desus vs Mero

Photo: vulture.com

 UPDATE: Desus vs Mero is done (?), scope here for more info.

Lemme tell you what it’s about

So pretty much dudes just sit in front of a green screen and talk cash shit about what’s been going on in hip hop, sports and other stuff. They got the best set for a show I’ve ever seen. In front of them is literally just some stacked milk crates with some cardboard on top of them, and then a bunch of kool aid barrels on top. In other words, these ain’t some bullshit rich folks trynna talk to you about hip hop from the set of the View.

Desus vs Mero

Photo: missinfo.tv

 Shit they love

Dudes love the Knicks more than anything in the world. Even though the Knicks ain’t been winning too much this season, they will never switch to the Nets. Their favorite players were J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert (who even came on the show) though so that trade to the Cavs left them down. They love hip hop, but it’s hard to tell because when they talk about rappers they’re pretty much exclusively talking shit.

Shit they hate

How much time you got? They hate Iggy Azalea and Mackelmore (codenames: trash and garbage) just like everyone should. They hate washed rappers whose hairlines are higher than their career trajectories. They also of course hate dumb ass Yacubians. This includes politicans and celebrities and just those doing dumb shit on youtube.

Desus vs Mero

Photo: goodfellamedia.com

Why should you watch?

It doesn’t even feel like you’re watching a show, it feels more like you’re kicking it with some funny ass dudes. They’re mad quick and got mad jokes, and they’re talking about all the dumb shit you talk about with your boys. Complex obviously lets them do whatever they want, and since it clearly costs mad little money to make each episode, they don’t have to constantly listen to suits about what direction the show should go.

Don’t forget the podcast

So the video is like a time-edited version of the podcast. Videos are usually about 20 minutes and the podcast’s more like a hour. So once you get hooked on this shit you’ll probably wanna start listening to the Desus vs Mero podcast. It’s by far my favorite shit to listen to on the plane.

So get over to Complex and start watching Desus vs Mero.

Scope it here. Otherwise you’re just watching some dumb shit. At least listen to the podcast if you don’t wanna sit down and watch it.

Also scope Desus (@desusnice) and Mero (@thekidmero) on twitter.

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