Latest Hip Hop News: De La Soul to J. Cole

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Some shit’s been going down in hip hop, whether it’s about upcoming music, recent music or something else. We got Kickstarter and we got a little bit of sales to talk about. Let’s scope the latest hip hop news.

De La Soul

De La Soul KickstarterDe La Soul is making their first album in 11 years. They hit up Kickstarter asking folks for $110,000, and in like 2 days they’ve tripled that shit. They’re gonna sample themselves (which is gonna be mad dope) and they’re trynna stay independent and keep creative control for their music. I think this is a dope reason for artists to hit up Kickstarter, and I totally support it, especially cause you can usually pay just a little more to support the artist and get the music.

Anyways, they got some pretty good rewards, which might have led to their goal being hit so quick. For $15 you get the digital album when it drops, and for $25 you get the CD too. Not bad. Even though they already hit their goal, more money will probably just lead to doper music, so you should still donate if this is like a dream come true for you.

De La Soul Kickstarter

Cole goes platinum

In case you haven’t heard, 2014 Forest Hills Drive has gone platinum. It took a little over 3 months, which isn’t bad, especially considering it’s the first rap album since 1989 (!!!) to go platinum without any features. I mean, even Illmatic had one feature. Anyways, Cole was trying to bring pure hip hop albums back, and he showed you can definitely be successful doing it. Right after it dropped and it was selling well, Cole tweeted out something along the lines of “no singles, no features, stop serving trash.” Now that he went platinum, more folks might listen to that advice.


Tidal MusicTidal, Jay-Z’s new streaming music service that he’s relaunching has been announced, most notably the pricing model. It’s $10 a month, but $20 a month for the high quality version that Tidal prides itself on. It’s trynna be the best-sounding streaming service and the best-paying for artist royalties. It’s also got music videos and an editorial. I’m down for all of those things, but $20 a month is a lot, especially if you still buy albums too. Also, 16 founding artists have a 3% stake in the company, so how much can they really pay other artists? Oh well, I guess we’ll find out soon whether or not it actually changes the game in any way. Scope it here (and I think there’s a free trial.)

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