Latest Hip Hop News: From Banks to Badu

Hip Hop’s been acting up…

But that’s nothing new. I mean let’s be real, hip hop wouldn’t be hip hop if shit didn’t go down from time to time. The main beef of the moment is Azealia Banks and Erykah Badu, and like all good modern beefs it’s a twitter beef.

Someone asked Badu a question on twitter

They asked Erykah Badu if she’d ever listened to Azealia Banks (while @ing Azealia.) Badu responded with a single, shade-filled word: “Tried.” Shit was on. Azealia Banks didn’t take long to see the tweet (I mean she was @ed), because she’s always on twitter and probably never sleeps.

Erykah Badu


First she just asked why the shade, but then the twitter goddess went off like only she can. She called Badu jealous, then went on to talk about how older artists take any chance they get to throw shade one younger generation and how they can’t let go. They eventually made up and said they were both cool, but then Azealia kept going and talking some shit about Badu. The streets are hanging on every word.

Kanye X Chappelle

In case you been sleeping under a rock, Kanye’s got some kicks coming out. The Yeezy Boosts are gonna go for $350 and all the pre-orders are already reserved. Yeezus said he’s gonna make sure everyone can get a pair though, so out of the benevolence of his heart they’ll keep making them until the world’s rocking Yeezys. Anyways, apparently Kanye and Dave Chappelle ran into each other and Kanye took the Yeezys off his feet and gave them to Dave right there.

Dave Chappelle


Now, aside from further showing how altruistic Yeezus is, this gives me hope for some sort of collab between the 2 geniuses. Chappelle was always very musically inclined (just look at the musical guests on Chappelle’s Show), and he put Kanye on before many other folks did. I’m not expecting an album or anything, but maybe a Blame Game-type situation where Chappelle’s got a funny ass guest spot? I’m just saying.

There’s some other Kanye news too

Like his fashion show, some new tracks he’s dropped (keep ya eyes open for a review on here soon), and more Yeezy Boost facts, like how he hand-delivered Drake’s pair. Kanye’s doing his part to spread love throughout a world that desperately needs it, considering all the beefs going around and all the shade being thrown. Let’s hope he continues his crucial work, and that the Nobel Peace Prize committee finally figures it out and sends one his way.

Spit Talking

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