Latest Hip Hop News: From Vic to Drizzy

As always, shit’s been going down in hip hop.

From rappers signing with labels to CDs being released, some shit you might wanna know about has gone down in the last few days. This week we got news from Vic Mensa, who’s been up-and-coming for a few years now, and we also got some news from Drake, who’s about as established as you can be. Here at Spit Talking, we think it’s all important, regardless of album sales numbers. Anyways, let’s catch up with some of the latest hip hop news.

Vic Mensa signs to Roc Nation

Vic Mensa - U Mad (feat. Kanye West)So after a good few years as a pretty famous unsigned rapper, Vic is taking his talents to the next level and signing with Roc Nation. In case you didn’t know, Roc Nation is Jay-Z’s record label/management company, and they manage a few different artists and release a few albums here and there (including J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive), so this is a pretty big deal for Vic. Let’s hope this gives him the freedom/resources to keep making dope music and keep testing the boundaries of hip hop.

An immediate effect of Vic Mensa signing with Roc Nation is that U Mad, Vic’s single featuring Kanye West which hit youtube a few weeks ago is now on iTunes! So if you wanna support a rapper who’s been killing it for a while but still hasn’t completely blown up nationally, hit up U Mad on iTunes and send Vic a little love. I mean, it’s got Kanye on it so you know you’re gonna like that shit.

U Mad (feat. Kanye West) - Single - Vic Mensa

If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late

Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too LateDrake’s mixtape (but it’s really more of a full album), If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late tore up the digital download charts right when it dropped, I think selling half a million copies in the first weekend or the first week or something. Well, DrakeĀ“s ready to add to that number, because now you can buy a physical copy of the album. Cop the CD if you wanna bump that shit in your car (especially Know Something) or if you just wanna keep the album laying around your house to freak people out with the artwork. Either reason works.

If You're Reading This It's Too Late [Explicit]

Good shit, Vic and Drake.

Vic Mensa is gearing up to take over the world and Drake is continuing to dominate the game in any way he can. We live in a golden age of hip hop, considering that so many different rappers can exist without directly competing with each other, yet they’re all still hungry to hit the top. If you’re a hip hop fan, it’s a good time to just sit back and watch (and listen.)

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