Latest Hip Hop News: Pre-Christmas Edition

Hey y’all, there have been some notable happenings in the world of hip hop in the last few days. As usual, Spit Talking’s got you for the latest hip hop news.

This week we got J. Cole making money off his music, 50 cent making money off of underwear, Nas and Russell Simmons protesting for justice and Lil B fighting Facebook for his freedom of speech.

2014 Forest Hills Drive is Doing Numbers

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

J. Cole’s new album (scope my review) has opened at #1 on the Billboard charts and had the best opening weekend of any hip hop album of the (almost over) year. Big things are deservedly happening for Cole, because he’s been killing it. If you haven’t heard it yet, download the album to see why the success is deserved.


50 Cent is Still Getting That Cash

50 cent instagram



50 Cent posted this picture on instagram claiming he just signed a $78 million underwear deal with Frigo. Hip Hop’s best entrepeneur (sorry Dre, but I don’t see your movie/videogame/vitamin water flavor) just keeps getting richer, even independent of his music.



Nas and Russell Simmons March for Justice

Russell Simmons and Nas Marching



On Saturday, Nas and Russell Simmons joined thousands of others in New York for Millions March. The protest is part of the national movement following the (lack of charges for the) deaths of many Americans, including Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. Hip Hop has always been progressive, and it’s good to see prominent names get involved without claiming responsibility.


Lil B: Rapper, Author, Lecturer, Freedom of Speech Fighter

Lil B at MIT



Lil B (who just a few weeks ago gave a lecture at MIT) has been banned by Facebook. He was criticizing America’s racial history and adopted the voice of a hypothetical racist. Facebook has suspended his account for 30 days, and Lil B has urged his fans to fight for his freedom of speech.



Also, Lil B blessed all of us last Christmas Eve with the release of his 101 song, 5+ hour mixtape 05 Fuck Em (free at Datpiff.) If the world can’t have 5 more free hours of hip hop from Lil B, the least we deserve is him on Facebook.

As usual, stay tuned for what’s going on in hip hop. We got you at Spit Talking where we never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.

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