Best cheap headphones: Sennheiser HD201 Review

Looking for the best cheap headphones? Look no further. I got you.

The best cheap (over ear) headphones out there are the Sennheiser HD201s. If you want a pair of comfortable headphones that will give you a dope sound without murdering your wallet, check out my Sennheiser HD201 review. Scope it below.

For just about $20, you can get a pair of headphones that sounds great, is comfortable enough to wear for hours, has a long enough cord to use anywhere, and will last you years.

Just the other day, a friend told me their headphones had broken. Knowing me to be a music lover and a cheapskate, she asked me what cheap headphones I could recommend as a replacement. It was the easiest question I’ve had to answer in my life. The best cheap over ear headphones and the best cheap headphones overall are easily the Sennheiser HD201s.


Sennheiser is known for excellent headphones at the mid to high end of the spectrum, and even though those are also reasonably priced, their cheapest headphone offering is still miles ahead of the rest of the competition around $20. The bass response is crisp, and these headphones pack an unexpected punch without going overboard on the bass. These headphones also come with a 10 foot long cord, so you can freely walk around your room or office without having to lug your music player around with you. No longer will you be restricted to sitting in the corner next to the outlet while you charge your shit.

For about $20 at Amazon (Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over-Ear Binaural Headphones), you can get a pair of headphones that are going to last you way longer than what you’ve ever expected out of $20 headphones.

My first pair of these lasted a few years, and the sound quality was great the whole time. When they eventually broke (which was my fault because I stepped on them), the first thing I did was order a new pair. As long as these cost around $20, you can be sure I will always have a pair on hand (not to mention they’re the pair of headphones in my little logo down there.)

Did I mention they’re comfortable?

Nothing is worse than a pair of headphones that sound great but are literally a pain to wear. Music should be enjoyable, and while these don’t have quite the luxury padding you’d find in a $300 model, you can listen for hours without worrying about discomfort around your ears. Just like I recommended to my friend that day, I recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap pair of headphones that is more than worth the money and will last longer than a road trip.

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