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Spit Talking is your home for the latest hip hop news. My super-secret contacts (which includes everyone’s favorite special agent: Twitter) keep me up to date on what’s going on. You want the latest album announcements? I got you. You want new music videos? I got you. You want rumors? I got you. You want shit talking? I got you.

  • First of all, get ready for A Better Tomorrow straight from the Wu. The sixth album from Wu Tang is coming out December 2nd (that’s tomorrow!) so expect a review on here in the next few days (scope here.)


  • 50 Cent called Diddy’s album, Last Train to Paris, “trash”. In an interview with MLB.com. That’s all.


  • The Supreme Court is deciding whether a man posting violent lyrics about his wife (inspired by, who else, Eminem) on Facebook counts as a legitimate threat. For the sake of hip hop and freedom of speech, let’s hope the Supreme Court decides not to mistake artistic expression for serious violent threats.


  • Nas: Time is Illmatic, the movie about Nas’s classic album, premieres on Showtime on December 12th. Scope it!


  • Finally, in non hip hop news (but still important and related), President Obama has asked Congress to provide $75 million for police departments to outfit their officers with body cameras.

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