Ludaversal Intro Video

The Ludaversal intro’s got a video.

Ludacris has dropped a music video for the intro off his newest album (and his first in 5 years), Ludaversal. I guess WorldStarHipHop put it on, and it’s pretty much a sample of the album. It’s shorter than the actual track, but the point is made: Ludacris is still dope, and if you haven’t scoped the album yet you should.

Watch Ludacris – Ludaversal Intro Video

Starts off strong

Ludacris - Ludaversal Intro VideoJust like the intro, the video starts off right away with Luda spitting pretty quick. The video is only for the first half of the track, so it’s not even 2 minutes long. It’s a pretty basic video, with Luda just kicking it alone in a warehouse, you know, like one of those rap videos from about 10 years ago. I think Luda’s trynna show folks who aren’t sure that he can still kick it like he did in his peak, and that they don’t have to worry about him being completely different or something.

But that’s just the rap, cause the beat is a different story. It comes in fully pretty early to show you that Luda’s mixing the old with the new, and it definitely doesn’t sound like early 2000s hip hop. It’s got a little bit of that, but it’s also got more of an electro feel than you’re used to hearing from Luda, and it’s dope.

Sample of the album

Ludacris - Ludaversal Intro VideoSince this video is for the intro, of all tracks and not even the full intro, it tells me that it’s almost like a mini ad for Ludaversal. And if that’s what he was going for, I think it’s a great idea because people who don’t know where to start on Ludaversal to see if it’s solid can just scope like 2 minutes of it to get an idea. If anyone asks you whether or not they should hit up Ludaversal (and they’re not quite ready to scope Spit Talking’s full review), you can just direct them to this video. It shows that Luda can still spit as quick and as dope as ever, but he’s not just remaking his old shit.

More rappers should do this.

A lot of the time, rappers just pick their favorite track on the album for the video, which isn’t a bad choice but might make folks think they’ve already heard all the album has to offer. By just doing the intro, and not even the full intro, people know that it’s not the best on the album or anything but just an idea of what the rest will sound like. And if people like the intro, they’ll almost surely wanna check out the rest of the album.

Watch Ludacris – Ludaversal Intro Video

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