Make Hip Hop Beats Free: Auxy: Beat Studio

If you want to make dope hip hop beats for free, and you have an iPad, you’re in luck.

If you want to make hip hop beats free, go download Auxy: Beat Studio for your iPad right now. It’s totally free, and doesn’t even have any in-app purchases or anything, so it’s actually free. It isn’t the best way to make final polished beats or anything, but it’s a great way to strike some inspiration.

Auxy: Beat Studio Menu

Auxy: Beat Studio - Auxy

The first thing that strikes you is how simple the app is

It’s got a very minimalist feel, and aside from starting with a quick but helpful tutorial, pretty much just leaves you to start working on some loops. It’s essentially a bunch of different synth kits nicely packed into one screen. It’s basic, but with drums, bass, and melody synths you pretty much have everything you need to get your ideas going/to mark them down before they pop out your head.

It’s so simple, you can just focus on the music you’re making

Instead of having to spend hours learning a more sophisticated program, one can just start working on the music. Different settings, like tempo and separate loop volume levels pop up on the same screen instead of plunging you into endless menu screens. Because of that almost non-existent learning curve, it’s a bit limited, but this is a great place for someone to start just toying with possible beats.

Auxy: Beat Studio Auxy: Beat Studio Settingsblank space

It’s not just good for beginners, though. If you’re an experienced producer who already has a few programs you like that are more fully-featured, you can consider this an extra note-taking type app when you don’t wanna deal with the full word processor. Let’s say a beat pops into your head when you’re on the bus or on the plane or something. Just make it in Auxy: Beat Studio real quick (a minute or two, tops) and go on with your day until you can start making the full beat.

So regardless of your experience level, you’ll find this app easy and valuable

Auxy: Beat Studio Loop Maker

It’s mad simple to start working on your loops as you literally map them out with your finger. It’s easy to control settings like levels and tempo. It’s also really quick to do all of these things, so even if you know better programs, this will come in handy if you’re in a hurry. Best of all, it’s totally free (you don’t even have to worry about missing out, because there are no in-app purchases), so it’s a no risk try. I think if you download it you’ll find some use for it.

If this all sounds good to you, download it for your iPad, and let me know if you enjoy it like I do!

 Auxy: Beat Studio - Auxy

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